The gift of time is all I need!

Gabby working on her creative gift for Justin!

Happy day after Christmas!  Anyone else feeling a little like they have a food hangover?  lol 

What are your holiday traditions? What things make you all warm and fuzzy?

For me, it's all about the people.  I simply adore spending all this time with loved ones and getting to put huge smiles on their faces!  I know it's not about the gifts, but I find it so amazing to put joy in someones heart through a thoughtful gift!  Seeing my kids and extended kids faces when they opened their gifts and my parents when they opened their photo books from the is truly priceless and leaves me warm hearted.

I may have shed a few tears myself this holiday from the thoughtfulness sent my way!!  πŸ’“

I want to spend a moment with a short recap of our day, for the blog this week!

twas the night before Christmas...

...and then the morning!  After I played Betty Crocker, baked gluten free cookies and a gluten free coffee cake, cut apples and got the place ready for company!

Pulling out the ornaments each year is such a treat! Trip down memory lane, things we have forgotten since last year!

Up early to get my baking on!  I had to channel my inner Farron to get everything together in time!

Everyone started to show up and cameras were ready!

I love to surprise people with gifts they love and find special!!

I did have tears with this one...Farron and Gabby had this made for the family, our first ornament representing us all!!  I was touched beyond words, and we all had a good chuckle at the order of the makes it even better!!!

She finally got the shoes she wanted!!!  Thank you Chris!!

Enjoying their gifts!

Love these kids so much!!

Alex trying out his "color blind correction" glasses and Tabb enjoying the moment!

I LOVE love love my new camera bag!  It can fit ALL MY GEAR!!!

First round done! Pedersen/Lopez clan!!  One big happy family!

My new Himalayan salt lamp to help the vibes be even better!!

The lone boy child!

Diddy was in heaven, surrounded by so much love and snuggles!

Farron succeeded in making Nana cry with her beautiful home crafted gift!

The princess sipping on her cider!

 I love catching candid moments of this handsome young man!

Chris appreciating the color of his gift!

Her face when she opened this up was priceless!!

Gab tucked in by her Nana.

 I walked into the kitchen after gifts and the light coming through the window on Farron's face was incredible!

Gabby working on the wine.

The boys sharing a toast to the Blatons!

Without her, I am nothing!  I count my blessings constantly to be loved by her and my dad, and to get to love them back so unconditionally!!  

...and the next family unit...Martin / Pedersen / Lopez clan!!

lol I love her...

Trying to get as much of her, before she heads back to her college life!

I can't leave out Diddy and his complete and utter enjoyment out of a new bone and a pink squeaky toy!! lol  It's the little things with this pup!!!

So another wonderful Christmas in the books, and it is only getting better!!  I appreciate so much the gift of time that our children give to us this holiday!  It is the best thing in the world for me, Chris and my parents, to reconnect and just have them, in all their glory, as one, even if just for one day!!  

And thank YOU, to anyone who follows along.  I appreciate you, for taking time to tune in, read and connect with me!! 

Until next week...