Shot on Film - Kodak Ektar 100, raw and real.

Shot with Kodak Ektar 100, 50mm lens at 1.4, evenly lit bright shade.

Often times, when people shoot pictures with their cell phone, or even digital SLR's, will use  filters or do some kind of post production photo manipulation.  These filters will alter the original look of the picture (as shot straight from the camera) and often times are designed to resemble film looks! 

Before digital imaging came along, a photographer would pick their film based on the lighting conditions that they would be shooting in, the colors they were trying to accentuate or diminish, and the subject they were shooting.  Films are made differently.  For example, some are absolutely dreamy for portraits where some are super vibrant and are made more for landscape or dimly lit areas.  Some are better to shoot in contrasty light and some really reveal their beauty in evenly lit scenarios.  When I shot film, I adored the Fuji line and I want to think it's because I always tend to lean towards liking the cooler colors...given the situation of course, but for what I was shooting, Fuji worked like a dream and never failed me.  

Black and white, same thing.  Some are very contrasty, heavy heavy grain, and some are virtually grain free, some have heavy blacks and some have very lifted shadows and a softer overall look.

Today's blog is about Kodak Ektar 100, and my real experience with it!  I shot in a variety of situations and what I am sharing are the negative scans that show the picture as it was taken with no modifications, unless I make a note of it!  

The light was fairly bright and I exposed for the highlights which left her face showing too red.  The LEFT image is color corrected slightly for the reds, right image is straight out of the camera.  I have been warned about using this film for portraits but I had to try it for myself and learn how to adjust to get the look I want!  Her skin is a bit overexposed (hense the red tones), something that does not surprise me as I'm used to shooting digital so the metering for the appropriate camera settings is a little different since we can edit in post production!

I had this roll of Ektar in my old Nikon for over a month. Shooting film is a whole different mindset than shooting digital, and you must be much more intentional.  Its a TON of fun and I highly recommend it for anyone as a "side gig" to keep doing something new and pushing yourself to think of things beyond what you have to consider when shooting digitally.

I absolutely love the vibrant colors (something Ektar is known for) in these and in this scenario, the colors are pretty true to life. 

Shot on a bright morning and my settings were probably off a little, overexposing Chris and the mountains.  I am not crazy about how all the greens in this picture conflicted and really made for a photo that is lacking in color me. I showed a friend and she loved the tone i this, so it is just a personal preference!!

THIS, is when things started to get fun.  I was shooting for the project I mentioned in my posts, and took my 3 cameras along for the ride. Shooting film for me personally, and digital for both the project and my own fun! I was shooting urban settings which turned out to be a fantastic fit for the look of this film!  The other GREAT fit is shooting in summer, around water and bright sun!  I'm for sure going to load this up in the summer!

Below are some of the images shot downtown Denver and inside Union Station. 

I LOVE the rich tones that this film provided with the brick!

Love some gorgeous cool tones too!

I was interested in how my blues are brilliant and bright, but the Union Station sign is actually red....but it is very muted here!

Inside, I adjusted exposure only on this image as I had underexposed slightly

These two shots were very cool as the film provided different color tones based on the angle I shot at and the light that was falling on the sign.

That just about wraps it up!  Shot this last shot as I was crossing the street heading to my car!   I will definitely load up this film again!  I was very excited about the look it provides and I don't have much experience with it, so more practice is in order!!

I have loaded up my newest "baby" and can't wait to take her out for a spin!  

Thank you for dropping by today, and any day you take time to share in my little world! I appreciate you, and am flattered!

Until next week...