Glass, brick and a whole lotta vibe!

Here we are a week before Christmas, and I am feeling pretty good about where things are!  I have completed most of my shopping, only a few things left on the list! Tree is finally up (waited for Gabby to get home), and plans are made for the day itself!

I am in the process of making a year end compilation video, but this week I thought I would showcase more of my trip downtown to shoot a project I was working on for a publication.  I shot some for myself while shooting for the job! Why not!! 

I have shot many portrait sessions downtown but being my main love is photographing people, I never really focused any attention on the things around me that the city offered, as a stand alone.  This was FUN!  I really love a lot of these images for what they are and can see doing more of this, and exploring the differences it could bring to my way of thinking and eye! Trying to make a building look interesting, is way more difficult to me than making a person look interesting lol.  

Let's see what I saw!

This building and light showed it's face as soon as I turned my first corner after parking. Those COLORS....ahhhhhh

The light bouncing off the windows at this time of the morning was so gorgeous! Added a little extra something to the image!

Also shot on my roll of film I shared last week, but a different look with digital! 

I went into Union Station to get out of the cold for a minute and saw a line going into this shop...I thought, why not?  Had a most fantastic decaf americano!! 

Connected to the coffee shop was this cool ice cream and candy shop that was closed up being it was still bright and early.  Super cool and retro!

Same window, different view!

I sat on an open couch, for a minimum of 30 minutes, and just observed while I enjoyed my coffee. The place was buzzing with families waiting to see Santa. Brought back memories of when my kids were that small and how COOL to bring them to Union Station for the experience! By the time I was ready to leave, the line was wrapped all around the station and out the door!

These chairs...


If you don't look up, when you are inside, you are missing out!!

View from the other side of the tree!

Warmed up, soaked it all in, and then I had to head back out to shoot more for the project. I saw things I never would have noticed before! Tacos anyone? :)

Amazing book store, even more amazing shadows!

What caught my eye was the steam coming from the buildings, the crane, train and taller glass walls as you went further and further.

I am ready to go downtown again! I'm really excited that I was hired for an assignment that took me into a new realm!  Funny how things work out!!  

Thank you for checking in this week!  Leave a comment if you have tried something completely out of your norm and ended up loving it!!  I'm always up for a chat!!!

Until next week....