What happens to a creative, when things slow down?

 Seasons come and seasons change, it's up to us to roll with the changing tide, make adjustments and look to the future, not at the past.

I think most people, at some point, want that break from the pace we follow day to day.  Our means of making money, whether it's through a job or your own business, can sometimes feel like overload and that you just need to step away, even if just for a few days or so.

If you follow me at all, you probably know that I am in general a pretty happy person.  I'm not saying this to present myself as thinking I'm so cool lol, I legit am happy and have really worked throughout my life to choose happy.  That being said, I have my moments when things feel heavy, sad, overwhelming, lacking in purpose and in general just cloudy.  Today is one of those days.

I have noticed a pattern in myself. These feelings come upon me when my busy, turns to slow.  I don't mean a mere moment or two to take a breath, I mean when the busy season slows down from a rushing waterfall to a bubbly stream, and I don't have a lot in the hopper to look forward to. I thrive off of that pace so when it's not there, I feel a little lost.  I welcome those summer weekends that have shoots scheduled months ahead of the current date.  When that season of abundance fades to, less abundant, these are the times that are probably the MOST difficult for me as an entrepreneur.  Feelings of inadequacy, depression, lost on my path start to creep in.  Knowing this pattern in myself keeps me remembering how vital it is for me to practice what I preach, and firstly change my mindset, and then, create personal projects for myself, to fill the gaps, to keep that fire alive!!

I have just come off of my busiest season of every year. I shoot so much during the summers and work non stop and it feeds me!!  I go from 100 to 0 in a very short period of time and right about now, having shot my last pre-scheduled session for the year (I am not stopping, just nothing on the calendar as of this moment....but I am ready if you are!  lol), I have felt my mood shift and the need for some self assessment, looking FORWARD versus looking back at what was.  Snap out of it Suzanne!!  πŸ‘Š

The way I tackle this season of my business is through creating projects for myself and of course seeking more collaboration opportunities!  

One of the personal projects that I have just taken on, is the self portrait project.  I'm really excited about it.  It's way more challenging than I believed it would be and it will push me WAY out of my comfort zone and force me to try new things!  What will it help me with? It will help me learn to see with a different eye. It will help my creative story telling process. It will help me understand better what it feels like to be in front of the camera.  ...the list could go on.

Cultivating new challenges to keep yourself growing in your craft also serves to help you focus on something productive during those times when creativity may seem to wane, since you don't have readily available outlets. You have to build those outlets into your life.  I heard a great quote from Charlamagne on the Lewis Howes Podcast and he said "I am not afraid to rip up those old blue prints that I have learned, and draw some new ones"!!  We can only benefit by this way of thinking!  

Another "thing" that I love to do is online workshops from the artists that I admire.  THIS is what I use this time for, to start writing new blueprints and grow myself personally and creatively!  

If you are anything like me and you find yourself in that weird frame of mind...YOU have every power to change it. It takes practice, it takes work to really redirect your thinking and take charge of your life and direction.  Sometimes it feels overwhelming to even begin, but just take that step, commit, and do it.  Even a little step.  Writing out this blog has helped me pull my head out and refocus and re energized me to look for that next thing to help me be better than I am today, or yesterday!  

I am always open to talk too if you are feeling like this!  It can be debilitating at times in your business, and sometimes just getting those feelings out is so helpful, and helps you get that motivation to move, take a chance, let go and look forward.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  I have no clue who visits and/or reads my blog, but please know how much I genuinely appreciate you and an thankful for you!  Its a nice feeling to think that maybe you can make a difference for someone, help someone, connect with someone and offer the inspiration to be better. I get SO much from reading and learning from others that I want to share my own experiences and thoughts, in hopes of being helpful to someone else.

Enjoy your holiday and until next week....