Urban Vibes and the In Betweens - Changing things up.

This was my favorite shot of the session. This was a "test" shot to check my camera settings, and I loved that she wasn't "ready".

What better way to wrap up my high school senior season than with a showcase of this gorgeous young lady!  

She was a lot of fun and was attracted more to the urban setting versus grassy fields and lakes!  THIS, was a fun change for me! 

Finding cool architecture and incorporating the elements it offers, as well as what surrounds it, can be super exciting and very satisfying for me!  Buildings can offer such unique color, lines and feels!  

I had a blast roaming the streets together and finding new gems in places I travel frequently! It's always exciting to find new beauty in old places!  

My favorite images of hers were the ones that were taken during those in between moments, like the cover shot.  Her smile...could light up a room in a flash!!  

With no further words, I will let the images speak for themselves...with a few notations thrown in for good measure. lol

For urban shoots, I absolutely LOVE glass...it has to be one of my favorite elements of urban.  Add a slight breeze and boom, perfect combo!

This wall works beautifully as a stand alone location in addition to getting a different feel by adding in a small element of nature.

Another in between moment when a passing bus unexpectedly cast an incredible moving light that ran quickly along the wall where she was standing. I wish I had been fast enough to raise my camera a little more quickly once I saw what was happening.  The light made this image even more interesting and captivating!

Again utilizing the building while incorporating the softness of the ivy.

Chatting with her dad... 

Last one ....waiting on me to meter and set...and we ended up with this... πŸ’›

I'm always a bit on the sad side when this season comes to a close for the year because these young blessings are one of my all time favorite groups of people to work with.   On the flip side, I know there are other fun and exciting things waiting in the wings for the next "season" of the year and of my business!  

Until next year my beloved seniors, and until next WEEK my lovely blog readers!!!