Commercial work, my approach in uncharted territory!

Sometimes even the shots that "went wrong" end up being my favorites! (this shot was a test shot and was exposed horribly, but with a couple of edits I was able to transform it to something magical)

My latest commission was working with a small local business called  Pristine Aesthetics where she focuses on services and medical grade products for top quality skin care.  Debbie the owner, is such a talented and driven lady and I was very honored to get to help create a marketing/advertising campaign for her newly released private label product line!

I thought it would be fun to share some of the images and thoughts from creating this ongoing campaign, as its completely different from what you are used to seeing from me!  


As with any session, creating a story is my goal.  Images (and a collection of images) that have a story to tell will bring all the feels to the table and help really showcase either a person (in a portrait session) or promote a product/service, as in this case!  Making an image that is more than just a quick glance stating the facts, makes the vibe infinitely more captivating and interesting! 

In addition to my own creative vision, keeping in line with the feel, past vibes or changing current that the client would like to move towards, were all taken into consideration while planning. Everything from color palette, props and layout were considered so that the set of images as a whole would represent her unique product and offer the most effective presentation to the world.

Researching each product in advance, to determine what "props" would best represent and enhance the experience each product will provide, was how I approached the task. This pot and succulent were perfect for this product, and were provided by my friend William at All Its Own, a most calming and friendly place to get your plants!  Go see him and see what I mean!!

I was able to incorporate these beautiful small stacker bowls made by my good friend Efong Yee (see more of her ceramic work at Bohemi).  It was really special to me to incorporate some personal items into this session!

Shooting the products was really a fun thing for me creatively!  Trying to be sure to represent the purpose of each one, and get an aesthetically pleasing image was a creative adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed!


This was when I came alive even more in this project!  Everything is better with the human element in it! πŸ˜‰ Creating the look and tying it in with the consumer really helped bring it all home!  My favorite model helped me out πŸ˜‰ as did her gorgeous bestie Mckinna! 



Wrapping up this portion of the project was super satisfying and I can't wait to do more with this line and Debbie!!

Thank you so much for tuning in to share in this with me!  More to come from her line in the future and check her out if you are looking for a really talented and experienced individual to help you with information on how to keep you skin looking AMAZING at ALL ages!!

If you have any questions or want to chat about, whatever, message me! I love connection so I'd love to hear from you!!

Until next week!!