SHOULD I BUY IT? Maybe try it! Why renting equipment before you buy can be beneficial!

Testing a new lens and shooting in a few different environments with different subjects, helped me to get a better feel for what it could do.

I will be the first to admit that if I had the resources, I would be adding to my camera / lens line up!  Gear doesn't come cheap, so for me, being able to purchase upgrades must be well thought out and earned!  

I am not saying that everyone NEEDS to use the top of the line gear, I'm just saying I personally WANT it, lol, and am in a good stage in my business to fully appreciate and utilize the benefits it can offer me!

I have climbed my way up the gear food chain and definitely worked hard to earn the equipment that I currently own and use!  I am ridiculously happy with my set up! For what I do, and how I do it, my lenses and bodies work fabulously!  That being said, there is always something else that may be able enhance my workflow and open even new doors as far as shooting styles!  Therefore, my eyes are always peeled for newness!

When I first picked up the lens on Sunday, I had a few hours to kill before my session to play around with it! I tested it shooting wide, medium and fully zoomed in!

I have heard many of my fellow photographer friends and acquaintances rave about the 24-70 2.8 lens I wanted to test.  Some shoot what I shoot, some focus on other areas of photography, but there have been more great reviews than poor reviews, so I was VERY curious!  

I had a session scheduled and I really wanted to try it in a real life situation to get a good feel for if it was a good fit for my shooting style!  I had all my regular gear with me too, in case I just hated it lol.

I loved how I was able to get just a little wider than I normally can with my current wide angle lens!

We were walking along and Cynthia was looking and laughing and I was able to swing around and catch this adorable face!

I will say, it didn't disappoint!  I did find however, that being I am used to shooting with prime lenses, and this is a zoom, it took some getting used to!

I DID love a lot about it. The clarity was insanely sharp!  The ability to get just a little bit wider than my 35mm allows, and not have to always physically move to get a different perspective was different and nice sometimes!  

I had the lens for 24 hours so I was able to do a few more quick test situations before running it back to the store the day following my session!  My beautiful friend Paola let me grab a few shots before class and then I was able to try it during our CrossFit class indoors as well!

24 hours of practice, shooting in real life situations, was SO valuable!  I walked into the experience thinking I NEEDED that lens.  I walked away from it thinking I don't need it.  I definitely liked it, I can see myself purchasing it in the future, but it didn't blow me away so much from what I currently have in my camera bag!  In a way, I am happy about that! lol  I have tested 2 other lenses over the course of the years and both of them were an emphatic "I NEED THIS LENS"!!  πŸ˜ƒ  

I really recommend doing this, even with camera bodies!  Its a really great way with a relatively small investment to see if it's worth plunking down the cash for an expensive addition to your line up!!

If you want to chat more about gear, pictures, kids, life....reach out! I love it!

until next week...