Joey - Golden light, adventure and a dunk in the creek!

Creating a visual story, providing an image that you feel a connection with, OR , having a photograph draw you in so much that you FEEL something when you look it, it is my goal for each and every session I do.  

Joey's session did just that!  Joey, his dad and sister were up for the adventure and we hiked a solid mile + , to complete our session with some images that really really pulled at my heart strings!  I got to experience yet another wonderfully bonded parent/child connection, laugh along with funny stories that Joey's dad Ivan told us, and see Joey reveal that smile that could knock your socks off.

Beyond that, I'm not going to say much but just let you enjoy a little piece of what *I* got to enjoy with this young man!!  

I love light....

...and I love profiles of strong jaw lines! 

We came across this surprise, a small patch of beautifulness on our hike to find the rock I wanted to shoot on! The golden tones were incredible and the light was hitting JUST right for my liking!

We found the rock, and proceeded to climb up and around and enjoy the views it revealed!

One of my favorite captures of the day.

This series of images below was shot as we were wrapping up the session, and ended up being probably my favorite series overall from our time together!  

Who doesn't love having a dad along for the ride to encourage you to jump in the water at the end!  Apparently it was a little cold and a full submersion was out of the question πŸ˜‰.

Thank you to Joey and Ivan for making this such a fun adventure for me!!  Great weather,  beautiful scenery and great company made this session fantastic!

Questions? Comments? Concerns?  Please drop them in the suggestion box!! πŸ˜€

Until next week!!!