Sendin' it in the WB - 2018

So here we are!!

I completed the video and I'm SO happy to have done it and feeling proud of my accomplishment! About half way into this project, I was feeling overwhelmed and I felt like I didn't have a good handle on things, at all.  With the help and emotional support πŸ˜‰ from Aislyn, I was able to learn some new stuff in Premiere Pro, and do some editing things I hadn't done yet!! This was my first video with this program!!  I have complete RESPECT  for those who work with video so seamlessly!  

I was making a comment to Chris just the day before I viewed my final 5 minute cut down version (I started at 20 minutes you guys lol) and had just come to the conclusion that I LOVE the end result of video, but it's just not my thing. Still photography is!  Then, after I put music to this, and watched our story unfold, I was once again hooked on getting better!  I had to eat my words lol!  

I am choosing to look at this as an ongoing challenge that I will continue to grow with, and get more skilled at!  I don't have to do it all the time, but the satisfaction of making a music video of these wonderful moments in our lives, is enough motivation to handle the suck, and face the task!!

I hope you had fun coming along on our vacation!!  

Reach out and say hey or just leave a comment! I love to connect and learn more about you, and share stories!

Until next week!!