Creeks, woods, beaches and...skateboards! How I personalize a session!

Relaxed and casual...

When I received the completed questionnaire from Jackson, one that I send to all my seniors so I can get to know them a little better before we meet, I KNEW our session was going to be a LOT of fun. I'm so glad to have this little piece of info, as it makes it fun to incorporate things that really makes them tick, if possible!

We met later in the day out at a favorite location of mine that I haven't shot in for a year or so.  We met in the parking lot on a beautiful late summer afternoon, with gorgeous temps and even more beautiful light!

Getting down to business right away was easy, Jackson was an easy going kid, fun to be around.  He is an athlete, super handsome and all around great demeanor!  Mom and dad were pretty cool too!  πŸ˜‰

We shot all around the park, as I usually do, capturing his essence in a cool variety of settings. From darker wooded areas to open grassy fields, to bright sunny, sandy beaches. 

Once we got the bulk of the session done, it was time to play.  (rubbing my hands together with great excitement...hee hee)  

Jackson indicated on his questionnaire that one of the things he liked to do for fun was long board.  Wellllll, this just so happens to be one thing that I absolutely LOVE photographing!!  I guess it was my lucky day!!  How exciting to have someone that thought it would be just as cool as I did, to include it in his session! 😊

We drove to a more remote area in the park and just. had. fun.  You may have seen pictures of me laying in the middle of the road on my Instagram stories lol.  I did quite a bit of that in order to get the shots I wanted, as well as having to move out from the road to let cars pass (although in reality there really weren't all that many).

Here is a glimpse of what unraveled over the course of the next 30 minutes or so...


Jackson, THANK you for being such a great sport and just enjoying some "ride" time while I did my thing!  

Personalizing a session can be super fun!  It's not necessary by any means, but it definitely feels kind of special if you can incorporate something that is so "you" at this important time of life!  A fantastic memory to be had for sure!!!

Thank you for reading and being interested in my dealio!  I appreciate the engagement and am always open to talking shop, or life, or whatever lol!!  Reach out!

Until next week....