Why do I love this age? - - Senior Session Showcase, Melissa - -

I had a hard time picking which image from her session to use as my opening shot...this beatiful girl's confidence and style were all I needed to knock my socks off with every shot!  

I would say that tops on my list of favorite subjects to photograph, is the high school senior! That isn't to say that I don't thoroughly enjoy other ages, but this particular age has me hooked!  

There is something fresh and uninhibited about seniors. 

So if you are a parent reading this, you will probalby remember when you were getting ready for that LAST YEAR of formal schooling, and how exciting it was to have school be not only optional lol, but you could pick EXACTLY what YOU wanted to do and where you wanted to live and spend the next few years of your life!!  12 grades of school is a LOT and by the time we roll into senior year, we are READY to be done!

If you are a teen reading this, well, ditto the above!! lol  

THIS is what I love about the age!  The pure sense of optimism and excitement. The endless possibilities that lay ahead, the world IS your oyster but you have to go out and grab the reigns!!  

For me, working with you, the senior, is inspiring!  YES, YOU, my senior friend, are inspiring!  You keep ME remembering that joy and optomism about life, and remembering how it is full of hope and excitement if you have the right attitude!  This outlook doesn't have to die with youth!!

Even though my kids aren't that far removed from this age, they are a few years beyond it, and, I don't ever want to lose that inspiration!  So see, it's a mutually beneficial relationship lol, πŸ˜‰ I help create a memory of that fabulous person you are (or your child is) at this VERY special moment in time, and you help me stay young, mentally AND physically (since I find myself going to great lengths sometimes to get "the shot" that I want).  

Youth can be rough.  It's not always sunshine and pretty flowers.  This can be the age to emerge from that.  It can be an age that you can find your wings, your calling, your passion.  That being said, It may NOT come that easy (discovering all this for me took longer than most so don't be discouraged if you don't know what you want to be when you grow up..you will figure it out!) or... you may already have those first steps to being your own you figured out!  Kudos if that is you!!  Nonetheless, you can be an independent individual, finding your way, and that alone is fantastic!!!

Having a little help from a sister (who happens to be a bomb hair stylist) is always welcome!!  

I also love that all my sessions, while having SOME commonalities, can be vastly different overall!  I love giving out a quick questionnaire to my clients to find out a little more about them before the session, and learning what makes them tick, and help us, together, figure out where we can best make that subtle (or not so subtle as the case may be) unique nature vibrantly come alive!!  A photo session with me, for a senior, will never be cookie cutter, even if shot in the same location as a friend's was!  

I love that every senior has their own unique flair, style and vibe!  You do YOU, and do it with pride!

I love that they may have more than ONE side to them!!  And they are not afraid to show it!

Do you see why I am so passionate about them?  

Even if you are still along for the ride just to see more of  Melissa's session, I'm glad you are here.  The pictures speak for themselves and tell thier own story.

So if you weren't sure by now...I love my seniors. ;-)  

Until next time!  

Love to you all for reading, supporting and sticking around!