...and that's a wrap!!!

Wrightsville 2016

Here we are again, preparing for our every other year visit to family, sand, water and relaxation.  Trip #9 if I am correct, and I could not be more excited!  

This week on the blog I am doing a super brief share of our trip 2 years ago, with some shots that I haven't shared before!  I am giddy thinking of all the new photo opportunities and experiences we will share THIS year.  It is a little bit of the known and a little bit of the unknown ever trip we make!  I look forward to both!

I will be taking a break from the blog for the week that I am there, in hopes that I can pull my S#*& together in time to do a vacation blog post the following week, but if I am real with myself, if may take a couple of weeks to collect my thoughts, edit my thousands of images, and be able to absorb my week in bliss!

Until then, I leave you with a glimpse of our visit 2 years ago!!

And there she is...the place I've grown to feel almost like a second home!

Daily sunrises for me is one of the most incredible, butterfly in the belly creating feelings.  I am lucky to be an early riser to experience this every day of my trip!

Last time Farron was attending a soccer camp in NC, and we had to drive to Raleigh to pick her up a day after we arrived. I was so happy to have the whole gang together! 

Our big family gathering and all the kids getting to reconnect. It's crazy and cool how they all just fall right back into hanging out like no time has been missed. 

Bike rides to the end of the island, night running and walking, soaking up that late day vibe.

Thunderstorms passing created some incredible skies for portraits.  

...a whole LOTTA this....

Italian ice and ice cream, multiple times, located just down the street from our beach house.

Running to the coffee shop in the morning and feeling like I hadn't run at all...love me some sea level oxygen!! 

We lucked upon a surf competition this trip, we usually miss them.  I was so happy to go hang out and people watch, and see the surfers do their thing!

My cousin's beach bungalow was so trendy and cool!!  So inviting!

Blurry but who cares...Evening beach walks, after a storm, with the ocean wind and empty shoreline is my favorite!!  

Paddle boarding for the first time in the sound!!

Lastly I share a favorite picture of the two people that make this trip happen. They spoil us rotten, and are truly two of the most giving, loving, grounded people in my life!  THANK YOU to my mom and dad for treating us to this continuing memory.  It did what we had all hoped it would, it instilled a connection to family that we may not have been able to connect with otherwise and helped us bond as an an immediate family with a tradition that will go on forever in my life, and in the girl's lives!!

So, that's a wrap and we will be on a jet plane at 7am Saturday!  I will anxiously be awaiting touch down and sinking my feet into the soft hot sand and smelling the beach air that afternoon!  It's always such a time of anticipation, and then when I arrive, we are happily relaxed and settled for a week of fun!!

Until next week, or the following per chance...thank YOU, my reader, as always, for tuning in!! I appreciate you!!

💗 Suzanne