The moments in between

Milk drunk moment...taking a moment to refuel and settle with mom.

I debated on what to title this blog post.  Behind the Scenes, The missed moments, The Outtake Adventures....but none of them really seemed to say what I wanted to get across.  The moments in between spoke to me because so often, these are when see the real character, personality, emotion.  A picture that, when we look at it we instantly connect to a person or a feeling and carry that with us forever!

So, the moments in between is what it is this week!  

Featured is my session with this dear sweet family that I have known for quite a few years, and adore.  I have seen their family grow and jobs change and life happen.  Its was a pleasure to get to photograph them and document their love and interactions!


Often times I will ask my little bitties, AND older girls often times, to twirl.  As a kid I can remember being entranced by making my skirt fly out and flow beautifully around me as I twisted back and forth!  It most definitely can help your photo subject get lost in the moment and not even remember you are there, BEFORE you get a more traditional portrait style photograph!  ;-)

What little girls doesn't love to twirl???

I love to wander and move from location to location during sessions so while walking with a family, a senior or a couple, my eye is always on the lookout for those in between moments that become some of my favorite moments of the session. Especially when kids are involved in the session, they let down their guard down from what they think they are supposed to do for the camera, and I get a little look into their carefree, playful or peaceful nature!  

Walking through the park to our next stopping point, this little peanut was running ahead, and feeling the wind on her face and in her hair!

Even though I asked her to look at me to get a more traditional portrait shot, I relish in being able to capture a look that is more lost in the moment and without expectation.

I actually love it when things stray a little away from "the plan".  The genuine smiles on everyone's faces here as Nora decided she was done with pictures is priceless!


Sometimes clients feel that if we take a break it's an imposition or something that makes them uncomfortable.  Rest assured, taking a few breaks, whether you are a baby or a young couple, helps us regroup, let down, and let me just shoot without expectation!

Baby Henry needed a break so we settled in this spot and let the girls just do their thing!  I love that Lizzy is on her phone listening to music, so representative of her age, and Nora was THRILLED to hear Wreck it Ralph on her big sister's play list!!  Nora jumped around, got some energy out and the rest of us just chilled!  (oh to be 3 again lol)


I had asked mom to lay down in the grasses with her newborn (total trooper moment by the way Emily <3) and as I moved around to get the angle I wanted, I saw her gently rubbing his back....ahhh my heart melted.  

Sometimes the "outtakes" are the ones you cherish most!

This picture is priceless lol.  We were trying hard to get a different version of this shot but this one was my favorite!  Matt's playful personality, Nora deciding it was time to sit with her dad since he was down in the grasses, and Henry, well, he about had it with me. 


As you can see, there is a plethora of beautiful emotion flowing through even just the "moments in between", of this session!  There were of course equally as many shots where everyone is looking at the camera, smiling and basically looking fabulous.  

I will leave you with just  few more that I loved so much I didn't want to leave them out!  It's a fulfilling thing that I do, this picture taking, memory making, creating visual connections that will NEVER go away.  

Thank you to everyone, truly, so much for bringing me into YOUR world, if even for an hour or so.  I value the opportunity so much!  πŸ’—

I love to connect with YOU and love to chat about pictures or life or fitness or, or, or...ok I just like to chat!  Ask anyone who knows me lol.  

Feel free to message me, reachable through all my social outlets!!  If you message and don't hear back, try again in case I didn't see it!!

Until next week!!