WHY do I BLOG - 4 easy steps to get started!

Sharing creative work with like minded people, and being able to help someone else in their own journey is a huge reason why I blog!

Why do people blog?  I'm sure you would find a kazillion different answers if you asked!

My interest in blogging started from reading other peoples pages. I love to read tidbits of information (we are all so busy that it's a great way to get something new in your brain without investing a ton of time) , learn from people who have varied life experiences or even just be exposed to differing opinions from my own. I love to share in other people's passions, journeys, explorations. It's like reading a squib from a great book, and being excited as you wait for the next installment of the story!

I follow a variety of blogs! Of course, photography is my main interest but I also love following young influencer blogs.  They are 100% the wave of the future and I am always super interested to learn from what they do, how they think and how they shape their lives in their young worlds!  Fitness/diet blogs are fascinating to me as they really expose me to how many different ways there are to eat and be fit, in a world where no one way is the right way.  It's eye opening!  Entrepreneurial blogs, yes I totally geek out on that stuff too!  That, and self improvement information, I can't get enough of it!  

Blogging is a fantastic outlet for you personally!  It's yours alone!  No algorithms to contend with, no guidelines you have to work by! This is your creative space to let the true you shine! ...and I encourage you to do just that, be YOU on your blog!  Talk like you talk, write like you write and share what you want to share! The people that love what you do will follow!

Why do "I" blog? I guess I have my own handful of reasons but they are all pretty basic.

As an entrepreneur in a creative field, it's a way for people to get to know me, the person behind the lens and in life.  As I mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts, knowing more about the vibe or the personality of the person you do business with can help you have a more meaningful and satisfying experience as a consumer! 

I hope to be able to give back since I have learned SO much by people being willing to offer their own experiences at whatever level they are at! I hope that me offering my own perspective, opinions and experiences on a slew of topics will help at least one person!  I enjoy writing.  I enjoy sharing my creative work because even though it is my personal vision, I love to have others to share in it! I enjoy being able to organize my thoughts into something that will simply offer information in a hopefully non confusing way. I love to encourage conversations and love to connect with people! What better way than putting yourself out there, in all your true "you-ness", sharing and being a bit vulnerable! People like to be able to relate to other people!

Blogs are such an amazing outlet and can be on a multitude of topics!  Like Gary Vee would say, if you have a passion for pillows, start a blog about pillows!  lol It may sound silly but he has a point! Go for it, write, create, and let people share in the goodness you have to offer!

How do you begin?  4 super simple steps!

1) Find a platform! I use Blogger as it can link directly to my web site and it's free! There are tons of blogging platforms!  

WIX  I use WIX for my photography web site and have been super happy with it and it's very user friendly!

WEEBLY - I don't have experience with them but they come up tops in a search and I have heard other creatives reference them!

SQUARESPACE - A lot of my photographer friends use this platform for blogging and their site! 

WORDPRESS  - I use this for my gym's blog and site and find it a little more tricky to build, but it has  more capabilities than many!  

BLOGGER - I like the format, design options and ease of use!  For a non techy person, this one walked me through set up pretty easily!

2) Decide on the focus of your blog!   A blog will be more successful if people know what to expect when they click on your link! You can go off topic sometimes, I do, but in general have a broad theme in mind!

3) Plan how often you will post!  You  must stay consistent to have people really get into it and think of you as someone they trust and want to follow along with!  Even if it is just once a month!  

4) Ready, set, GO!  Now comes the fun part!  Just start writing! Introduce yourself and your blog and explain the content that your readers can expect!  Start sharing the link on other platforms to begin to grow your audience. Pick a starting post and run with it!

If you start a blog, reach out to me and let me know where to find you!  I'd love to see what you are posting about!!  

I always appreciate you coming along for the ride of MY life, and if you enjoyed or found value in what you read here I would love a thumbs up, like or comment! It actually DOES make a difference and would help get my blog out to more people!!

Have a beautiful day and keep on keepin on!!  💓