FRESH! Photographing the Newborn! SESSION SHOWCASE

Baby yawns, tucked in legs and the tiny size of his body are all things that mom and dad want to remember forever! Those 6-7 pounds grows into 20 pounds in no time!

May, it is shaping up to be the month of the newborn for SLP! 😊 Newborns are fantastic to photograph as they are completely unpredictable and obviously cute beyond compare! They may sleep the entire session like this little guy, or be awake and moving like a couple others from this last winter/spring!  Their expressions, movements and adorable gazes are like no other time of life and deserve a moment of their own to shine!

I typically try to schedule newborns within 3 week of birth to have the best opportunity to have a little mold-able body AND, to capture those super early intricacies that are truly SO fleeting!!  That brief stage of life is literally gone in the blink of an eye so getting those precious faces, movements and soft fresh looks in the memory banks is something you will cherish in the moment AND, will put a smile on your face when you pull out the scrapbooks at high school graduation!

I love perspective shots that show the size of the baby.  You, and he, will look back in a few years and not be able to remember (without the picture) or comprehend how small newborns actually are!  The first shot of this blog is more about the details, this wider shot is about perspective! 

Detail shots are fantastic but remember to take a few step backs and get more of the "big picture"....pun intended. 

My newborn sessions usually are done within the home.  This being said, take advantage of the space you are shooting in!  Try out different locations and really utilize the variety in front of you!  For this session, I started my session in the baby's room, and made my way downstairs and into the main part of the home, highlighting elements that were really cool to me and definitely memorable!

If given the chance, I love being able to photograph the baby in their own space. Little Kye was super sleepy so putting him in his crib was a no brainer, but even if he was awake, I would have wanted some images of him in this location!

I loved the art on the wall, and the colors, they were perfect for a shot to remember the surroundings along with his mama!

Dining room table, perfect!

The bedroom with a fluffy white comforter...I say YES!

Even though I take a lot of wide shots, getting those details and really zooming in on those baby parts creates a picture where you just want to melt! You can also put something in these close up shots for perspective too! a parent holding the babies foot would have truly shown us how tiny these little toes are!

The details...but of course. Sinking into the softness...

πŸ’™ Sooooo sleepy!

Connection between the parents , this is the part I LOVE being able to witness and be a part of.


Keep your eyes open and be open to possibilities as you wander through the home. I'm always looking for places with great light, cool colors and backgrounds that help tell the story or enhance the photograph.

We carried his little boppy all around with us and this image was another one shot on their shiny black dining room table! It was perfect!

The upstairs was fairly dark but the single skylight offered a direct light source to get some beautiful shadows and helped wake Kye up enough for him to throw up his hand with enthusiasm. ;-)

As we all know, it is awesome to have the rest of the family included in the newborn session if at all possible! This helps all the older kids to feel a part of the excitement and show their own special love for their sibling!

We had a lot of bright sun this day but we found the perfect area to grab a group shot!

Most always, I'm ready if something happens during the in between moments! This little guy was just a lump of limp sleepy body through the very end of the session!  This final shot between dad and son, before he was placed back on the bed to finish his nap, was a shot that made me smile!  

It's just so exhausting to be a baby model!

Ok ok little one, I will leave you alone now to enjoy your sleep without being moved, and posed and transferred from person to person...πŸ’—

No matter what I get handed in a newborn session, it's always fun, almost always different,  and a good challenge to capture the essence of the newborn. In another 2 weeks, things will have changed significantly!

If you have any fun tips of your own on photographing newborns, leave a comment! I'd love to connect with you and hear your experiences!

Until next week, remember to keep running for your dreams, practicing kindness and sharing the love wherever you go!   I appreciate you all for sharing in MY journey of life and taking time to stop by my blog!  πŸ’—

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