6 Ideas of how to capture Mother's Day memories over the years!

Mother's Day memories from many years ago...I cherish pictures like this!

Sunday is Mother's Day!  We all have one, or maybe even 2...in addition to that, people we consider extended moms as well!  Those women totally count in our lives, big time!  I know that my mom will not always be in this world and frankly, the thought of that sends me into severe anxiety ;-),  so I make sure to preserve these memories while we DO have the joy of celebrating her, in the now!  In addition, I want to preserve those yearly celebrations of motherhood with my OWN girls to leave that trail of legacy as we go!  For those of us who are lucky enough to have our moms here on this earth with us, I encourage you use this opportunity every year, to take special pictures! 

IDEAS for capturing this special day!

1) Set up a mini session!  Take your phone or your camera out with your mom or have someone come with you if you are the only mom!  Have them take a few snaps of you together so you can see what everyone looks like, and take some of you guys just having fun!

Mini photo shoots for my mom and I was a tradition we started early! 

2) My kids would usually do something extra fun for me, or make me a cool drawing for a gift!  Grab a picture of what gifts your littles bestow upon you or in my case, the costuming that they created to make and bring me breakfast in bed!

3) Don't worry if you have kids who won't stay serious! lol I understand it can be super frustrating if you are trying to take a certain type of pictures but truly these pictures actually tell a better story!!

Even silly pictures are memorable! This kid.... 

Nana lovin' at it's best!

Do you see what I mean that not being too serious can be way better! This picture made me laugh out loud when I came across it!  SO my kids and my parents!

4) If you can, while your kids are little, try to take a picture in the same spot every year! Of course houses change and situations change, but it's fun to do as long as you can! Eventually, my kids got too big for us all to fit on this tiny spot of stairs lol!

5) The treats or meals that you share are a fun thing to remember as well! We celebrated Mother's Day along with my mom's birthday this year so we decided Drumsticks with a candle were the perfect dessert to celebrate!

Pictures don't have to only include the mama's!  Dad jumped in here too during our celebration!

 6) Preserve the memories of youth!!  I totally am over this "aging" thing for myself lol, and being able to see what not only my kids looked like 5 years ago, it's kind of fun to see the changes in myself and my mom over the years!  No, it's not always easy to see this in ourselves, but it is kinda interesting to watch the life progression!!


Creating a "tradition" of taking a series of pictures every mother's day has proven fantastic! I was able to find selections from over the years but of course they started earlier, just not digital lol!  

If your mom doesn't live close by, maybe schedule a FaceTime or video conference and grab a screen share of that! I have a few of those myself not only with my mom, but when Gabby was away at college and I NEEDED her in my photos for the day!!  It may not be ideal but It's a fantastic alternative and you will love having that picture later in life!!

Last year's Mother's day picnic in the mountains.

***News flash for ME!!!  I just found out that my first baby will be coming home this year, on Mother's day, and I can't wait to wrap my arms around both my amazing girls!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all those amazing moms out there! 

Connections are what I live for so I'd love for you to reach out if you have something to share or a question or just want to say hi!!  I can be reached through my links at the top of the blog!!

Until next week...