Why you should show up as the "Real" You!

I have said it before, going out to just shoot, is what spurs my creativity and helps me continue to develop my own personal style, more than anything else!!

Its crazy how far we have come since when I yearned for the next magazine to come out, or the next book to be published so I could devour the pictures and the words!  As you can image, for someone like me, this current access to never ending supply of photos and information is A-MAZING!! I love the ability to look into other people's lives, and see places I may never see in person, and LEARN things I may have never learned before the internet rolled into town!

There are of course positive aspects and negative aspects to almost everything in life, this new found abundance of stuff is included. With all this access to visual media, we can be inspired, learn new things, dream and expand our horizons. We can also allow it to make us feel inadequate, compare ourselves to others, feel left out or wished we lived different lives!  It is up to us to remain the person that we want to be, the person we were meant to be, the person we are proud to be!  I LOVE getting inspiration from other people but always want to hang onto what my personal vision is, and make it better, while not taking on someone else's vision!

I am not everything to anybody, but I vow to walk in my own shoes and create my own path! 

Inspire - create - provoke thought - be true - be kind - show empathy

A podcast I just listened to helped me really take a good look at my life and how I was doing things at the time AND, what I was placing the most importance on!!  If you want to take a listen, its highly motivational and very profound! 

The Ketogenic Athlete Podcast:

I feel like a lot of people talk about this subject lately, but I am going to reiterate...It's SOO easy to get caught up in likes or followers and feel like that is a way to quantify our worth or our "popularity" or even self worth as an artist.  I will admit I have fallen into that trap as well!   Really admitting that to yourself can be freeing, and for me, it helped me change my mindset.  I took a mental step back, and refocused on remaining true to who I am as a person, and who I am as an artist.  Stop consuming so much and getting caught up in the "I wanna be like that" syndrome. I look for inspiration everywhere, even on "the gram" or 500px or other mediums that I peruse, as well as "real life" ...but I want to always put the authentic ME out there.  If people like what I present and who I am, that's amazing!  If they don't like what I present and who I am, that's totally ok too!  There are SO many people doing what I do, with their own vision and person attached, and that what can make the internet so wonderful!

So, you do you boo, is what I'm wanting to say! I understand how hard it can be to want to "do you" if you admire someone else, their content, the way they present themselves to the universe. We all have flaws, bad days and adversity in our lives.  Even the most famous influencers.  Even if they show some of their vulnerability publicly, it still can seem glamorous.  Remember that you are enough, just like you are!  We ALL are enough!

I LOVE  making new connections and I am always available for chatting, talking shop or just shooting the crap with you!  Please reach out!  suz@suzannelopezphotography.com or through my social links above!  I hope you have the best day you can and remember how amazing you are!!

Personal project day, Farron and I went to the Denver Botanical Gardens...the flower are just now starting to show their glory!