5 Simple tips on capturing summer memories!

A moment that I guarantee would not have been as great had they known I was taking the picture!  Be sneaky is one of my tips!  

You know what is right around the corner?  SUMMER!!  Summer typically means fun adventures spending time at local places and attractions, or fun vacations away from home! It also means more time spent outside and of course, my favorite, more DAYLIGHT!!

When I did my "end of year recap of 2017" including my favorite memories of my year, (2 minutes of memories HERE!!) I got a HUGE response from people and them saying how fun it was to see and that they need to remember to pull out their cameras to capture some of their own fun times!  (If 

I could not agree MORE!!  Looking back on what you did over the year or even just over the summer is fantastic!  You could make a slide show on a rotating digital frame or create a great coffee table book!!  OR...share it on social media for your friends to enjoy!

Here are some of my own simple tips on how to capture those memories if you aren't a photographer who, of course, is ALWAYS thinking about the next coolest shot! πŸ˜„ Don't feel like you have to capture everything that happens, but do make sure you have more than 1 or 2 (if it's of a bigger event) to tell a story!  Photography is about story telling!


1) BRING YOUR CAMERA!  😊 Yes!!  You may chuckle at this first tip but I can't tell you how many times people tell me they forgot their camera when we are on a really cool outing or trip!  If you use your phone to capture photos, you are in luck since you will almost always have it! Just don't lock it away!  

 Always be prepared to snap a few shots with either a designated camera or the camera on your phone!! Photo: Alex Pedersen

2) SNAP SHOTS!  Be OK with capturing the moment!  When I say this, I mean don't be too worried about having the perfect picture!  Sometimes those less than perfect shots tell the story way better than if you had had the opportunity to set up a picture! 

Shot on the fly with my phone and nope, not the most amazing shot but it takes me back to that morning and makes me smile!

Not so great lighting but it definitely tells a story of a college girl!

3) INCLUDE NON PEOPLE PICTURES! People are FUN to photograph and they may encompass the most of your memories from a vacation, event or party, but remember to include some of the ambiance of the location as well!  A shot of the outside of the amusement park, the lake, the tents, the picnic table where you sat, the seagulls that kept trying to steal your food....all helps you relive the moments later when memories start to fade!

The road on our trip to Grand Junction to see Gabby!

A tapestry hung in Gabby's dorm room, with laundry and plastic drawers... this is life!

On a hike Chris and I took, the shell of an old house that was a main attraction!

The steep road on the way to our camping site!

4) BE SNEAKY! Try to take pictures when people are having fun and engaging in an activity, and not aware of you taking a shot! So often when we lift the camera to our eye, the person in the shot will feel the need to pose! Get that shot of your son or daughter reeling in their big catch of the day!  Kids (or adults lol) on the swings.  Everyone gathered around the campfire laughing at stories! Your friend hiking up a trail ahead of you! Of course it is still fun to take some fun portrait style shots too, but capturing the true moments that make the memories will really bring you back in time, and, tell the story more fully.

You may think this was a set up shot...it wasn't. Isn't it perfect?

The candid scene after our group hit the summit of my first 14er.  A fly on the wall shot is my favorite!

Alex really delving into photography and enjoying getting out and taking his own shots!

4) DON'T PUT YOUR CAMERA AWAY!  This is one that I have found myself guilty of and regretting it!  Say you are on a cool hike and after you reach the summit and start to head back, you put the camera in your pack, and low and behold, a deer is spotted spying on you as you silently walk by, or your child starts adorably skipping down the trail and you scramble to get the camera, only to miss the moment! It's not a big deal to just have easy access, just in case.

We were at the end of a pretty strenuous hike and I was happy to have my camera still wrapped around my neck as Chris bent down to remove his snowshoes. I love the shot an it's a great part of our story!

5) CAPTURE THE LITTLE MOMENTS! Not all of your memories need to be BIG events and vacations!  Those every day things that make up your day can be crazy fun to look back on fondly later in the year!  Say you go to the pool every day, like I did when my kids were little.  One afternoon you are going about your normal routine and you spot your spouse, friend or son/daughter sitting on the edge of the pool, dangling their feet in the water lost in thought, and the light hits them just right.  You will be so glad you took the shot! Just because it's not a major moment, doesn't mean it's not significant or a memory that would be fun to have in the collection of your personal story!!!

Farron's first time in Gabby's dorm room and she became obsessed with her art supplies.

I would forget if I didn't have this picture, the two of us practicing our yoga and sharing what we were learning, in our hotel room!

Literally the very end of our weekend camping trip, coming down the bumpy road, and all of us laughing about getting thrown around the car!

You will notice that most of these images I shared are basic snap shots of daily things.  Nothing fancy or mind blowing, but very important, and I love these images just as much as I do my well lit, perfectly planned and picturesque shots! πŸ˜€

If you have a great tip that you would like to share please let me know! I LOVE hearing and reading other people's tips and tricks so I hope you share yours!!

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Until next week!!