When things get busy...tips on how to stay on top of your work load!

I am like a Llama...carrying everything, metaphorically and physically, and THIS, is how I have helped myself shed some of that luggage! 

Raise your hand if your plate overfloweth!!!  

Raising hand high over here!  It is a GREAT problem to have as an entrepreneur, no doubt, but can also leave you feeling a little defeated, exhausted and wanting to throw your hands in the air and just go take a nap!  Am I speaking from experience?  lol  maybe.....

When you are a one (wo)man show, you don't have the luxury of not getting stuff done.  Tasks don't just vanish if they aren't completed and they stack up like a big ole pile of laundry that grows larger every day, especially if you have teenage girls! ;-)

Lately I have been actively seeking ways to help streamline my life a little, in an attempt to reduce stress and be more efficient and save myself some valuable time!  I know that having your own business means you are "never closed" but I do highly value my time at my home, with my family, doing nothing but enjoying them and not having to worry about what I'm not getting done for my business. 

I am going to share my personal experiences of some things that I found helpful for my workflow/lifestyle!

1) Time related (not photography related) - CLICK LIST!  I despise grocery shopping!  Mostly the time it takes, the extra trip out, the whole process basically because I am not a cook, and I have a very limited diet. It's just not fun and adds another stop to my already packed schedule that I just have no interest in but alas...we must eat!  lol   This service where I can order my groceries online (my daughter and I both contribute to the list) and I pick them up on my way home at my local grocery store!  Shopping, DONE!

2) Continuing education in areas of interest:  I have recently purchased some online courses explaining efficient workflow for marketing and business tools, because frankly sometimes, all the information out there gets messy and confusing and can feel overwhelming if you are trying to learn.  I decided to find a reputable source for information that was all compiled neatly into a step by step course that I could work my way through on my own schedule! Best investment ever! 

3) Services that help automate your processes - There are programs out there that can allow you to plan your blog, social media, advertising content, etc... so that you can take one day a week, or one day a month, make a plan for a designated period of time, and then virtually forget about it until the next planning/executing day rolls around!  THIS, has been a god-send!  Highly recommend if you are active on social media or blogging!

4) Stop CONSUMING so much.  This was actually hard for me.  I LOVE, seriously, I LOVEEEEEEE my social media and browsing and consuming!  I took a step back, decided on when I will actually get onto my social platforms for consumption purposes ;-) and then stay on track for developing and putting energy into my own content and presentation!  Now, it's only been a week since I've made this decision, but I feel it has absolutely taken some stress off because I'm being more mindful with my time and allocating where I spend it!

5) Allow yourself to just step away for a bit.  This is another really hard one for me. But I am getting better at it.  It's ok, it won't all fall apart, and it will make you a stronger business owner if you remember the other things in life that are so super important to you!!!

Where do you start if you are feeling like I was?

I recommend making a list, an actual list of the things that cause you the most stress in your day or all thing things you feel you must do in a day. Once you identify those, you can start to see where you can shed some of the load!  Be 100% self aware of areas where you are amazing, and where you struggle.  We all have these areas and it's nothing to be ashamed of.  Knowing your strengths allows you to put your emphasis into THOSE things, and find a way to get those weaknesses covered!!  See if there is a way to alleviate something, anything, to allow you to not feel like you are spinning plates!  Focus on what you are good at and figure out how to eliminate what you struggle with!

If you have other ideas on time savers for busy entrepreneurs....please please reach out or comment!  I love to hear your experiences and may be able to utilze them as well!!!

I'm always reachable through my email at suz@suzannelopezphotography.com and would love to connect with you!