3 Most Frequently Asked Questions!

 This couple could have written the book on fashion and location! We had such a fun session!  Photographed at Echo Lake.

I thought since we are ramping up into spring and summer and my calendar has already begun to fill up, it would be beneficial to go over the questions that I get asked most frequently! 

Location:  Where should we shoot?

Location Samples - click here

 My client had a very cool setting in mind already for her session! A rooftop pool in Downtown Denver! Super fun and urban!!

Shot on the CU campus, fall and the bridge were absolutely perfect for this casual shot! This was one of a bunch of different looks that we had access to around the campus!

Gross Reservoir was a wonderful location with water, trees, rocks and views!

Location will depend on what your goal for the session is!

Seniors - Seniors will often times have their session as a combination of location types. For example, shooting at a local creek, we also have access to flower and grassy fields, trees, urban AND historic buildings!  I encourage picking a location that offers more than just one type of environment because it's fun to get creative with your different looks!  I offer a questionnaire that will help ME help YOU decide what would be a GREAT spot!

Families - I prefer a spot that has at least 2-3 different looks.  I have become known for being a wanderer on sessions. We start one place and meander for a bit, shoot as we go go, and return when I (or my client) feels like we got what we need! This is how I am able to get you at your best, and provide you a variety of looks that you will LOVE!

Media - Your office, outdoors, in an alley lol, but seriously, we will decide together what the best look is to get your portfolio representative of your personal brand and your business!

Pricing: what do I get for my fees?

Pricing Details - click here

My pricing is a single fee, this is true for all session types: The fee includes my time/planning/expertise during the session as well as editing each image individually.  You will get the full size digital files for all the usable images, to print at a location of your choice!


Outfit Ideas! - click here

I have included the above photo plus two below, of my session with my daughter, to show how we enhanced her different looks for each location, all within a small geographical area! - Union Station

The Oxford Hotel

The 16th street Mall

Keira added a few accessories for a different look even within an all nature setting!

A strappy summer dress on it's own, and then with a sweater over the top created a couple of different looks for our Senior!

If you have a casual style, play it up!  Dressy, trendy, or casual and simple is all beautiful because it represents YOU, and that's my biggest goal!

I have created a variety of "boards" on Pinterest to help with some fun fashion and hair ideas! You may like what I have pinned OR it may trigger your own ideas to complete your look!  This is updated daily AND, includes not only women's fashion, but also has an extensive baby/toddler board with outfits that I would love to have had for my girls!!  

I also encourage you to look through the other boards on Ideas of how to display photos  and cool ideas of other things you can do with your photos! Cool ways to use your photos!  You will get a lot of images from our session and sometimes it may feel overwhelming!  I always say, print your favorites for the wall, and put the rest in a coffee table book to enjoy over the years and show off to your friends!!

I hope that this blog was helpful to answer some of YOUR questions!  Do you have other questions you would like answers for?  Please ALWAYS know you can reach out to me directly at suz@suzannelopezphotograph.com! I love to connect, help with concerns or questions, and help you feel confident that you will love your session!!