Tips on how to decide WHAT TO WEAR to your portrait session!

While this isn't clothing per-say, it's is an accessory that makes my subject pop from the scene instead of getting lost in the vast whiteness!

The most common question I get asked when booking sessions is, what should I wear?

I think this is actually a fantastic question to ask!  It is important to think about, more so when you are shooting in a group than individually, but its all important to achieving the overall look you are wanting from your portraits!

Solids or Prints:

I tend to lean towards solids as a rule of thumb, instead of prints, because 1) it allows the focus to be on the person, with the clothing only enhancing the overall aesthetic of the picture!  2) We would have a little more leeway as far as places we can shoot to make the look work.  If there is just one person in the shot, a pattern or crazy print can actually be a lot of fun and against the appropriate setting! (see second pic below)   

If you had to choose one over the other though, I would vote solid!

This is a good example of why, in this case, a solid is more pleasing.  The background/setting was unavoidable and is pretty "busy" so her solid sweater helped her stand out and not get lost in the chaos! 

Playing devil's advocate with myself lol, this is a great example of how in a portrait of an individual, with the appropriate backdrop, a print can really make the look come alive! The rest of her session was shot with solid apparel!

I also have a great example of how a print/solid combination worked beautifully with a family I recently photographed! (see image posted below) Two of the daughters wore prints and the rest of the family wore solids!  The pattern didn't compete with anything and actually enhances the overall look!  I loved her choice in color AND style to really make this session work beautifully with the less vibrant winter browns we would face outdoors! That leads me to the next section....

This family had a wonderfully perfect choice in wardrobe! Darker colors made them pop against the neutral winter backdrop, and the 2 patterns mixed with 3 solids made it simple to balance and enhance the overall look! ... and can we take a minute to appreciate how amazing mom looks just 2 weeks post delivery?

Brights or Neutrals:

The answer to this questions will slightly depend on where you have chosen to do your session!  For example, if we are shooting in the woods full of darker pine trees, I would recommend against wearing green or any darker color.  If we are shooting in a winter scene, maybe pick a bolder color so you can stand out from your background (see the cover image for this post)!  This is not a hard and fast rule either, as I have photographed some beautiful images with people wearing light colors in light settings, but it's definitely something you will want to think about!

The lighter colors against the darker background works well here! You see what you are supposed to see, the people! 

This is an example of where a light color in a light setting worked beautifully.  The look is soft and flattering.  This was one of 3 looks she had this day so we were able to shoot in many different settings.

Same type of setting, different type of look with a bright color! In this case, both are good!

I have put together a variety of idea boards that offer looks that could be utilized for a session on my PINTEREST - Suzanne Lopez Photography account.  There are boards for each season, but I would recommend looking through them all because of course, some will overlap!  The outfit ideas could be utilized for the actual look, color combination, or the style, and then you make it your own!  I love using idea boards like this when I'm stumped at how to either dress up my current style, or to give me options and ideas that I had never thought of before!  I hope you find these boards helpful!

Lastly, the most important thing is to dress in a way that you feel beautiful and amazing!  There are all kinds of looks for photo sessions that can represent the true you, from super dressy and formal, to trendy cut off shorts and t-shirts!  

Even though there are suggestions, there are no rules! When it comes to "rules" you will see me being one that is happy to break them, to get a unique and look that fits the person I am working with!!

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