Magic happened! My journey on a personal project!

Red Rocks Amphitheater, a spot in the park that I have always wanted to photograph! Typically there are a kazillion cars driving through so today, was a good day!!

I headed out bright and early a few weekends ago to go scout locations and do some personal shooting.  I ended up in Red Rocks, the day after a snowstorm! This little journey out on a chilly Sunday morning brought me some unexpected views that made me a very happy girl!

Let me take you on the journey with me!

The first place I decided to stop and grab a photo!

This beautiful sight, only a few miles up the hill, was my first clue that I was in for a treat! The colors against the white snow were magnificent! I pulled off the road, hopped out, and took a series of shots so I would never forget this sight!

A different angle, different feel, same intense beauty!

The sun coming through this wintered tree with it's rich browns boldly blazing, was incredible! I took a multitude of shots and came to rest with this one being my favorite image of the set!

As I pulled around on the road that I don't usually head down, I was exposed to a very different scene that I hadn't experienced before up here. It's always a great thing to give myself a challenge to find NEW sights, new spots, generate new ideas for my clients! Personal projects always pay off! 

Always remember to look ALL around, up, down....this powdery white goodness was right behind me and I saw it as soon as I jumped back in the car to continue my journey!

There is something so beautiful about the untouched snow covered grasses and bushes. 

Finally, I ended up going into the amphitheater itself to see what was happening up there on this cold morning...this was what was happening. 

I felt like I had my fill, found a new beauty and had a different appreciation for the morning light up there!  I hopped back in the car, my travel mug still filled with warm coffee, and headed back to the highway.

As I passed a local park that you drive by on the way in, I made a last minute decision to check out what that area looked like this time of day.  I was blown away with what I saw when I pulled into the parking lot!  Below is a series of images that wont even do the place  justice, but I'm going to give you my best!  It was SO white and magical, everywhere I looked that I couldn't get enough of it!


I hope you had FUN on our adventure and hope that this gave you inspiration to get out and explore on your own! Picking times when everyone else says "no way" are the BEST times to be out and about, searching for beauty!  

I love to connect with people who may have questions about what I do or how I do it and encourage you to reach out if you want to chat or have questions! I'm an open book and love to share!  

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Until next week!