Road Trips and Pit Stops, and why I shoot ALL THE TIME!

The frozen lake with the lone red tent was a sight I feel lucky to have stumbled across!

If you aren't into photography, you would probably find me most annoying to be around when out and about (unless you are a client of course lol).  I'm ok with that!  Shooting for FUN is something I do almost every weekend!  I mean, why not?  I have SO many reasons why I shoot, and shoot, and shoot...

Beautiful blues in the ice castles!

I have lived a life of being a "forever student" and enjoy the challenge of learning new things in addition to continually learning and developing my skills in areas I may already have a of knowledge in! Life changes, technology changes and goals change!  It's really a great thing since if we had to do the exact same thing day in and day out, I would probably lose attention really quickly lol!

Lake Dillon ended up being fantastic and helped me get some seriously beautiful shots!

I use this time to not only keep up motivation/creativity but also to immerse myself in situations that I may not have shot in before, or just trying to keep a different eye open to new possibilities!  It is super important as a creative to keep my craft developing and ensuring that I can provide my clients with something fresh and exciting!

This last weekend my daughter and I took a trip to see a beautiful attraction that I kept seeing pictures of, on friend's Instagram feeds,  I was so intrigued by it! We planned a trip up there, plans kept changing due to circumstances beyond our control, and we winged it!  We had a great time, made lots of memories and shared valuable time together!  The short video below is a ride along on our adventure, where we stopped and what we saw!

The moral of my story is, I will keep pushing myself to be a better photographer than I was the day before! I enjoy the game, the process, and will never feel satisfied where I am, at any given moment!  I will be my best, and give you my best!  I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead!!  

Until next time...