My $.04 on scheduling a WINTER session!

 A snow covered river with brown grasses and leaves makes for a fun and different backdrop! 

Most people in Colorado believe if they haven't booked their photo sessions by November, they need to wait until the spring/summer/fall of the following year!  The kids, you, the dog, etc...will be a whole year older by then!  Why wait??? 

I have to be real and say, I used to STRONGLY DISLIKE (see mom, I didn't say "hate" ;-) shooting in the winter because I thought it was ugly! 😲 ...shiver... However, I have taken a 180 degree flip on this stance within the last, say, 4 years or so!  Dare I say that winter sessions are some of my favorites now!  Let me tell you why!

$.01    "...but it's so blah!!!"

This used to be the KEY reason why I disliked winter time for sessions, because all I could see was brown, dead stuff.  NOW, I have embraced the brown dead stuff, and fully appreciate what it can offer in rich tones, distinct textures and a whimsical look!  Plus, you can use the colors on your body to really stand out from your environment!

The browns and yellows are only enhanced by the beautiful warm sunlight coming through the trees.  Cold?  Wrap up in a cool looking blanket!

Have I mentioned how much I adore shooting in wheat grass?

$.02   "...but it's so cold out!!"

Adults are bothered by the cold way more than the kids are, and if it's cold, dress the part!  Don yourself in a huge fuzzy sweater, scarves and boots, wear that Patagonia jacket that is not only warm but a really fantastic outdoor look, and can I even express how much I LOVE HATS????? 

Ridiculously cute...right?  

$.03   "...but how will we get a variety of looks???"

Shooting on a cold day with elements involved (wind, snow...) allows for time to really let loose and have FUN! If you have kids, what better way to get amazing candid (and some more directed shots too) if they are out on a chilly day!? Playing in the snow or even just meandering through a field of wispy dry grasses can be ideal for a unique and fantastically dynamic look!

Laying in a field of grasses OR using a tree for effect, are two ways I would utilize the environment for different looks!

I would have worn a jacket but boys are always warm! lol  Frozen river...#beautiful!

Perched up on a rock, I loved using the sky as her backdrop! Plus, pulling her hood up changed up her look a bit from earlier shots!

$.04  ...but what if it snows?

Even BETTER!! lol  I just had a session this last weekend, and the mom and I were both secretly hoping for snow, but alas, it was a day late!  The session would only get that much COOLER, interactive and carefree!! ...and if there is wind...OHHH how I love wind in long hair!! Even crazy wind!

High above the mountains, on a windy evening in January, waiting for the sun to set. This portrait makes me feel even more connected to it due to the dynamic elements!

This Adventure Session was at a location where the wind never stops blowing!  The blowing snow and hair adds to the whole emotion in this shot! 

There you have it! In winter, you never know what to expect, mother nature is setting the stage, and we are there to create in the midst of it all!!  This unknown is what makes the session even more exciting and full of potential!  

I hope that if you have had any hesitations about doing that session now versus when the trees and flowers are in bloom, you will see the value!! 

This short video takes you along on a 4 minute ride with me, to places that I would take you to on our session!  You can see the beauty and possibilities in winter sessions!!