Just for fun!

Sitting atop a death trap ;-) . Thanks for capturing this babe!

Photo: Chris P.

Today...today's blog is just a share.  I can tell you, if it's been a few days since I have been out to shoot, either on a paid session or on my own, I get really cranky.  No lie. lol

Chris and I headed out on one of those outings that HAD to happen, so Suzanne didn't loose her mind! 😁   These are some shots from a hike we took up in Boulder, CO.  The scene offered some different views than I was used to, and it's ALWAYS a fun challenge to shoot environments and things I'm not used to, to make them look exciting!!  I will always grow and learn and sharpen my skills, and refuse to ever get stagnant!!  

I hope you enjoy the shots!

Contemplating how to approach what I want to capture...

Photo: Chris P.

Highway 93, clouds were insane the entire day...

We got out of the car to this..., blew me away.

That moment just before he realized his memory card was NOT in his camera! ;)  Don't worry, I got you....


 The Flatirons from almost ANY view, are amazing!

Tiny bit of fall colors remained

One of many rock climbing spots we came across!

There was chalk on the rocks, all the way up to the top! Climber's mecca!

Hey now...what 'chu lookin' at???  πŸ˜‰

The trail went from wide road, to single track, to very rocky and technical in a matter of a few miles!!

View from up top!  Scary climb, fun view!

 As we made our way out of the rocky areas, we emerged into the most beautiful cloud lit sunset!  The pinks and oranges were killer.

Until next week...


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