IPHONE X photography! Testing the new features!

iPhone X - Camera Review

I was super stoked when I heard about the quality/features of the new iPhone X camera and couldn't wait to test out the cool new stuff it had to offer.  I had the iPhone 6s plus before this phone, and actually really liked that camera too, but, you know.... 😁

When I first got the phone, I played around a little bit, taking pictures of people at the gym, my dog, inanimate objects...but I wanted to put it to a REAL test.  I took my muse out and did a "session"....with the iPhone!  Yes I couldn't help myself and brought my DSLR along for the ride but shot a TON on the iPhone and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed!!

Dual lens, 12MP, shallow depth of field for certain modes for front and back cameras, and specialty lighting features! 

With no further ado, I am going to share images from this session.  For this "test run", I shot in different lighting situations, from in the car, to in the brighter sun and finally full shade.  All situations that I would normally shoot in.  These have been edited in Lightroom, the same way I would edit my Nikon images.  Let's see what you think!!

In the car, even lighting on the subject, lots of bright side light.

Bright light filtering over the subject and into the frame. This image isn't super in focus but still worthy of a share for these purposes.

No sun flare here, light bouncing nicely off her hair.

Light still looks even and the image shows nice detail, even though it was ridiculously bright out.


The next images were truly my favorites of the day.  Same location, but we moved out from the sunny side of the car to the shady side.   We had more leeway to get those cool reflections and shading!  



We moved around to an area of Red Rocks that was more fully exposed, to see how the camera would fair. 

Even in the open sun, shooting like I would regularly, I was impressed with the quality of the colors, exposures, and creamy skin tones...even straight out of camera (ie, no edits)


 Finally, moving into an area that had a little less available light and was fully shaded, the images popped and had beautiful depth in color!

I had a GREAT time trying things out. 

A few things to point out that i noticed:

Regular view has focus through the entire picture.  Portrait mode is a ZOOMED in mode and will give you that more blurred background, especially the closer you are to your subject.  

You will have to be a little patient when shooting in Portrait mode.  The shutter is a tad slow to focus and fire.  Not horribly so, but I did notice it being slower compared to my old iPhone camera or, in the non portrait mode in this iPhone.

The lighting modes are cool, I like them.  I feel I would only use the natural light and studio lighting modes if I were to switch.  The contour light is ok, but in some lights it makes me look way old lol.  

Overall I am VERY pleased with the cool and quality of images you can get with this camera!  Remember, the best camera, is the one in your hand!! You don't need an $8000 camera to get amazing images, it's more about YOU.  

If you have questions about my experiences please feel free to reach out! I have a new email, suz@suzannelopezphotography.com or you can still reach me at the other email as well!

Until next week!