2 Minute Memories!!

As we wrap up 2017 in a matter of 4 days, I wanted to just do a short recap of images from my year!  It's a fast flip through but definitely showcased the fun that I experienced with friends and family!


-I climbed my first (as possibly last lol) 14er

-I hiked a multitude of hikes both solo and with friends

-Show shoed for the first time

-Climbed the Manitou incline for the first time

-Watched Farron play her last competitive soccer game

-My baby girl graduated high school and started college

-My oldest baby girl turned 21

-Gabby got a camera and we had FUN going out on photo adventures together

-Chris and I took a


trip to Hawaii

-Diddy (our shih tzu) took an adventure up to Echo Lake with Farron and I so he didn't feel left out of the fun ;-)

-Senior Prom

-Lots of picture excursions from sunsets with Chris to lakes with the kids

-1st family camping trip

-Photographing stars for the first time

-Got a new car after the hail storm totaled the "Bu"

-Climbed MT. Garfield with Gabby, one of the hardest climbs I've done

-Took too many pictures to count and that couldn't make me more happy!

This wraps up a pretty darn good year!  

The new year will bring lots of exciting new adventures for me! From new business opportunities, to improved fitness and continued personal and professional growth!

I thank my friends and family for all they do for me and for being such an influential part of my life!!  I hope you enjoy this 2 minute snapshot of my 2017!!