Winter Adventure Sessions, why not???

Leggings, layers and water sealed camera gear!

Most people living in Colorado will believe that if they weren't able to make time for their photo session before the snowflakes started flying, they are too late!  At least to shoot outside, which tbh... is part of the joy of living in a place like Colorado!

I am definitely a lover of snow filled photos!  We dress for the weather, bring appropriate attire, and get out into the mix and shoot!  Snow filled photographs can offer a feel to them that any other season cannot!  There is an element of spontaneity to them, a element of let's see what we can get depending on our conditions!  To me it's a super fun challenge and you always end up with something a little less that status quo which is really exciting!

I am going to share my adventure on a hike that Chris and I took last weekend.  When we left Denver, the weather was 60 and sunny.  When we arrived in Estes Park, it was raining, and by the time we hit the trail it was a full blown snow storm with wind!

Honestly, I was giddy with excitement because I hadn't been out to shoot in a snow storm like this, in years!

We layered up, got the cameras ready and headed out!  

This was the point in the drive where I thought we were going to be hiking in rain!

The rain we were seeing quickly turned to snow once we hit the higher elevations!

Strong winds and heavy snow wasn't going to stop us from seeing, well seeing as much as we could 😇, of Dream Lake and Emerald Lake!

The early parts of the trail hadn't seen as much snow with all the tree cover.  What a BEAUTIFUL scene this was for photos!  Protected by the trees but still allowing for snow to fall into the frame! Photo: Chris

We made it to Dream Lake where the lake was partially frozen but the photo ops were incredible!  Imagine your family, enjoying what this crazy day had to offer, and it all being caught on camera!

Dream Lake

Stairways and pine trees....and a red coat made for a perfect snowy shot!


We made it to the icy covered Emerald Lake! Photo: Chris

Another benefit of shooting in wintery conditions, is there aren't a lot of people to contend with ! We pretty much had the run of the place!  Photo: Chris

Hiking back out, I saw this shot and Chris was able to capture the hazy distant trees in addition to the more detailed pine needles in the foreground! Photo: Chris

Finding some shelter under a tree, we were able to grab some fun shots!  Even shots with wild hair blowing, which honestly, made them even more meaningful to me!!

Aside from everything else, it's so fun to be out with your partner or your family capturing memories in a way you may not have thought of!!

If you are up to it and want to be adventurous and try something fun and new, message me and we can talk turkey!  I'm always up for adventure and I would love to capture you, your partner or your family doing the same!!

Think about would be amazing!!!