Holiday Cards, how do you make them memorable AND meaningful??


We all have some wildly fun moments that we probably have captured throughout the year!!

It's time to really ramp up, if you haven't already, and plan that holiday card!  Many people aim to send out cards on a date that is just after Thanksgiving so that if they are a little delayed in their well made plans, will be OK!!  πŸ˜€

When planning out what I will send out to people, I like to think about what I would think was super cool to get from someone!  Keeping in mind, most of the people whom we send cards to are people with whom we have NOT had contact with since, possibly last holiday season!!  Most of us are itching to see how much the kids have grown, if there are any new additions to the family, and in a 30 second glance, get a catch up on how life treated you this last year!!

What do you do with cards that people send you?  Do you display them around the house for the season?  Do you toss them in a basket that sits on the table?  Do you glance and pitch? 

Wouldn't it be SO COOL if people had an incentive to actually KEEP your yearly update, and be able to look at them over the years to see how life changes!  I have done this with the photo cards that I get! I tuck them away in a ziplock bag with the year on it, and have literally watched my friend's families grow up and change!!  I have my baggies on a shelf with some other prints of my own that are waiting for me to do something with, and I pull out my stack of cards and LOVE seeing the past years!!

I bet you didn't believe me!!  These are my cards from 2009 and 2010!!

Maybe it's because photography is my life, I always hope to open a card and see a picture inside!! Sending a photo card is definitely one way to make your card more memorable!  I have received cards with a small handful of photos tucked inside and I have received photo cards with the photos placed on the card itself as a collage on the one print!

This is an example of what I mean by memorable! Many of this example of cards that I received had multiple images which definitely brings some additional excitement for a photography nerd like myself!! 

All that being said, I would like to propose an alternative to only including the traditional family shot where everyone looks tip top!  Something to really tell your "story" and do it visually!!  ...and please don't think you need to have kids or puppies to create a photo card!!  You can include images from what YOUR life is about! From travel, to daily walks in the park you take, to incredible restaurants or maybe a play that you had an opportunity to see!  What about that sunset that just about knocked your socks off?    It's all about relaying to people how the heck you have been and what is important to you!!! 

Many companies that produce cards will offer lots of options.  You can pick cards that prominently display 1 photo with a general greeting, or you can pick multiple openings!  There is ALSO a place that you can upload your own designed card that could be a 4x8, 5x7...whatever sizes they offer, of your self designed combination of pictures and text!  There are a TON of apps now where you can create designs that you have full control over! If you know Photoshop or even Word, you can create your own card with text, clip art and pictures!

When I make a card I could never pick just one, and I'm sure that doesn't surprise you! πŸ˜‹  I would typically include 2-3 of each daughter showing various highlights of the year.  That could be a sport they are heavily involved in, a cool Halloween costume, a vacation or camp they attended.  I would always put a picture of our currently family unit and then don't forget the furry friends!  This would make the pictures a little smaller, especially if you have more than 1-2 kids, but it's a better snapshot for people who don't see you all the time, some highlights of this past year!  

Ok I admit that this may be over the top for many people but isn't it FUN??  I myself look back at it and instantly have fond memories of our year!!  I created this to a standard size that the photo lab printed, and sent in my pre-made file!  I CAN HELP YOU WITH THIS!!

If after picking your photos that you want to include, if you feel like you still want to include more details from your year, possibly tuck in a bullet pointed mini letter to again, point out highlights! If you invest in a card that may be a little more spendy, you could even print your bullet points on the back of your card!!  SO many options!

Getting a picture card of any sort is my favorite, but the cards that tell a story are the ones that are SO memorable to me!  Get creative and mix things up!!

If this idea is intriguing to you but you don't know how to move forward or need design ideas OR help in putting together a self designed card, please feel free to reach out to me!  I would LOVE to help you! I'm a wealth of ideas and love to brainstorm!!  I'm SERIOUS too, don't be shy!  πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

...and now, being I just realized that I, myself, have NO idea what I'm going to include on my own card, need to get down to business!!!  Clock is ticking!!