Facing Fear! ...and owning it!

I have said this before, but shooting/editing video is still a little, or a lot nerve racking to me.  Its more unknown than shooting stills!  I am definitely adding it to my repertoire because if you don't change with the trends then you lose.  I refuse to lose!!  

I shared the blog of my still images from Hawaii already, but here is a 4 minute 43 second view of some of the video I took that gives a really fun perspective to some of the shots you saw!  I LOVE having both!!!  

I have 2 versions of this, the 20 minute version, reserved for people who care enough to watch that long (ie, Chris and myself lol) and then this version that is much more fast paced and a highlight reel!!

I hope you enjoy it!  If you do and are so inclined, you could rate this (youtube), share me or comment!  Your word of mouth is the best thing for me and I appreciate every, single, one I get!!