Fall is in the air!!

Our trip to Winter Park, CO 

The drive up to Winter Park was absolutely INSANE! 

Farron and I headed out early a couple of weekends ago to head to Winter Park.  Alex was running in a cross country race and we wanted to get up to the mountains, so we grabbed our coffee and cameras and headed out!

The leaves were fantastic and I was stopping every few miles to jump out and capture the scene!

Down in the city we really hadn't seen too many leaves changing, although the weather and a couple of patches of yellow peeking through the green leaves confirmed that fall was here, and to be ready!!

...and then I saw it....

What the what??? I was not expecting to see it! Snow was barely evident in the air, leaving it's trail behind!

As we got higher in elevation and up around Berthoud Pass, there it was. The first dusting of the season that I got to witness!  It was magical!!!  Truly, it dusted the trees and the ground.  Low lying clouds hovered in the valleys between the trees and I couldn't get enough of what I was seeing!

Too cold and sleepy to get out of the car, she sipped her warm Starbucks!

Sleeping beauty...

We made it to the YMCA camp and rolled out of the CRV.

This race course is one of Alex's favorites.  I can see why!

Waiting for his heat to begin...we take it all in.

"Don't stand in the path...",  the announcer warned.

Pockets of color everywhere!

Alex in blue.

When I noticed this view, as part of the course, it truly took my breath away!

Exploring to find some local "huts"!

After the race ended we were super pumped to drive over the pass to head to Estes Park...wellllll...that was a no go.  The road was already closed so we retraced our steps and spent a little time enjoying what Lake Granby had to offer, pure wonderfulness!

I was surprised at the vastness of this lake!  Fun fact, it's the 3rd largest body of water in Colorado!

And yes we kept our eyes peeled for stray Moose!

Making our way back over Berthoud, we stopped to see the views as per usual!

Photo: Farron Lopez

Our last stop of the day was on a little pull off picnic area down at the bottom of the hill.  The leaves were in full yellow, golds and reds and NOT pulling over wasn't even an option! 😏

Photo II Farron Lopez

Heading back into Denver we felt super satisfied with our day and all the events that took place!  I'm always sad to see summer leave but I welcome fall and winter with open arms!  

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