Travel - the Inexperienced with the Experienced!

I plan to spend some serious relaxation time on the beautiful Hawaiian beaches!

As I type this I am in the air, flying to San Francisco to catch a connecting flight to Hawaii with Chris!  This is a trip I have been SO excited for for over a year, and it’s finally happening!  The tricky part for me with travel is, how on earth do I not over pack but still bring all of the “stuff” I want to have on this incredible adventure I’m embarking on?

Chris is a VERY experienced traveler and literally packed the evening before our trip and will fare just fine, most likely not forgetting a single item!

Chris travels every week so rolls stuff from one week to the next, and doesn't skip a beat!

Me on the other hand, I have to plan!!  About a week out, I start thinking of what all I need to bring because first off, I am required to follow a very strict diet 99% of the time so I have to take that into consideration plus of course I plan on shooting  a record number of photographs on this trip so I need to make sure I have all my camera gear in check.  Don’t forget looking cute, so yes, I have to think out my clothing, toiletries, chargers, supplements…and the list goes on!  I have realized that for someone who doesn’t feel high maintenance in the least, I am pretty darn high maintenance when it comes to a trip for a week lol!!

Clothes were the easiest part, and thankfully a summer destination is WAY more easy to prepare for than a winter destination!  I have a few dresses, swimsuits, shorts and tanks and appropriate shoes for what we have planned!  My clothes take up very little space in my bag!

7 piles: sports wear, bathing suits, shorts, pants, sweater, underclothes and tops! Oh, and a small purse for night time!

Camera gear.  This is probably the most important thing to me, and I want to make sure I have all my ducklings in a row!   Below is my gear all layed out.  This trip I packed one camera body, a fixed 35mm lens, a 70-200 zoom, batteries and charger, all the memory cards I own, lens hoods,  GoPro plus it's batteries/chargers/memory cards, GoPro accessories for water and wandering, and an idea I took from a local photographer, I purchased each of us a disposable camera to use somewhat like one would use a Polaroid!  We will have 27 shots a piece to take those specific fun shots that will look super cool coming from a box camera!  I have already ordered my shipping packets from Mpix so that I can drop them in the mail as soon as we return!

I am packing light for this trip camera wise!  I have all my essentials to get a great variety of shots without having too much gear to tote around or worry about getting stolen!

Food.  Can I tell you I wish so badly that I could just pack up and go without having to think about this is what it is so I am learning to work with my body! I take a significant number of natural supplements to help my body process food without it making me sick, so I packaged a day worth of enzymes/vitamins/minerals into individual baggies to throw in my bag in the mornings!  I also have thrown in my Epic Bars as it's one thing I have complete trust in , that I can eat if we get hungry between meals, and I won't get sick! Ain't nobody got time for THAT on vaca!!! 😋 

I packed the essentials that will help me each day!  It was a little time consuming but well worth the effort to say on top of my health!

One small thing I couldn't forget about was this little guy!  He doesn't know it but he has a FUN week ahead with Farron!!  Should be more activity than his little lazy body is used to but he will have a blast!!

It's always hard to say goodbye to our furry babies!  I kissed his fluffy head and told Neal I'll see him in a week, on our way out the door at 4am!  

Phew, so, packed up, on the plane and excited for the adventures ahead!  I can't WAIT to share with you a taste of my trip, next blog post for sure!  

If you have any really cool vacations for active people that you want to share I would love to hear about them!  

Until next week....aloha!!!