Practice...every darn day!

Practice, practice, practice!

Taken by the side of my complex, and edited with a new preset I've been wanting to try.

You know that good ole phrase, "practice makes perfect!" ?  There is definitely validity to it! I don't think anything is ever perfect so to speak, but practice can definitely help us learn, experiment, learn some more, and figure things out!

Even after shooting for as long as I have, I probably take a picture, or 10, almost every day!  It's in my blood but also, I am ALWAYS "seeing" something new and wanting to get a step closer to mastering it!

Just like double unders in CrossFit (jumping rope with the rope passing 2 times under your feet for every single jump off the floor), photography is a lot about trial and error and CONSTANT practice.  Rinse and repeat.  For every amazing image I have made, I have had 100 not so amazing shots!  While my ratio of bad/good has absolutely improved over the years, I will tell you though, I thoroughly enjoy the process!  I LOVE learning and experimenting and seeing where it gets me!

Over the weekend, I was wanting to get outside and shoot.  It was late, the sun wasn't even out, and we were at the point of wrapping up our evening.  Farron had to move her car to the garage so I followed her, camera in hand, just to feed my urge to shoot.

She obliged me and let me shoot.  She doesn't care for this shot but I like it, it's my kid, and I think she is beautiful regardless.

Hair flip for attention...

I love playing with light, and lack of light, and how they can change the feel of my image!

Sometimes just a random moment, if you shoot it in a certain way, can have feeling without being any monumental moment!

The two shots above were my favorites from the 30 or so that I shot.  Random, slice of life, and edited with a new KILLER preset that just WORKED with this shot!

These two shots make me smile.  You would not even know it from these pictures, just how much STUFF this girl travels with in her car!! :-)

We came back inside, sat down as per usual in our living room, on the floor, and finished up our night with a Lunchable and some shows.

So, did I have a killer set up or something super cool to shoot?  Well, I guess you could argue that for me, photographing my kids is ALMOST always fun, but really, it was just 10 minutes of my evening that I got to go do something that I love to do, and think fast to try to turn it from something out of the norm into something more exciting!

Overall I shot at different settings and on the fly and frankly, I love some of these images for the randomness that they offer!

So who cares if it's something mundane, go practice!  Make it exciting, make it LOOK exciting or at least interesting!  The more you pick up your rope, or your camera, or whatever it is you have passion for, the closer you get to being way more proficient at it!  

Happy shooting!!