The best camera... is the one in your hand!!

The Nikon D500 is the camera I am currently coveting! 

I get asked quite often, what kind of camera I use, or recommendations on what kind of camera to purchase!

I USE the Nikon, but as far as what I would recommend, my answer is ALWAYS the same, "it depends"!!  Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, Leica, Pentax, Sony....all good manufacturers!  Keep in mind that cameras are like computers, they are ALWAYS coming out with new versions that are better and better!


My first SLR and DSLR were Nikons, and I have never felt the need to switch to another brand because I truly believe they ALL have their strong points as well as areas that they could improve upon!  If you stick with one of the main camera brands, you will be JUST FINE!  Don't overthink it!  

I have heard tremendously positive reviews of the Sigma Art series, and the 35mm 1.4 is high on my wishlist!

Whereas you definitely want a camera that is current and can handle the type of shooting you are interested in, I would invest more money in the glass, the lenses that you purchase! I STILL use an 85mm 1.8 lens that I used on my old film cameras!  This lens was not cheap even back in the day,  and the pictures it renders are fantastically beautiful, clear with excellent bokeh!!  I won't get rid of it until it no longer is compatible with my camera!


When choosing what is best for you, I would recommend doing your research!  Google reviews, talk to camera shops, talk to photographers who photograph things you want to photograph! Maybe even rent a camera body and go shoot with it one weekend!  Rentals are a GREAT way to know what you are getting before you fork over hundreds of dollars!  I have done that when testing out a certain lens and it was an invaluable experience! There are online companies as well as local companies who offer this service!!


This VLOG camera gets pretty positive reviews! Check it out to see if its a good fit for you!

Picking the best camera for you, really depends on what you want it for!  Are you wanting to do VLOGs?  Are you wanting to shoot portraits/  Landscapes? Action?  Selfies?  Do you want to take it traveling or just out on special occasions?  


I adore my GoPro and shoot with it all the time!!

Personally, I have LOTS of uses for different cameras!  I use my Nikons for professional shoots plus when I go hiking to get better in depth quality than I will from my iPhone.  I ALSO always carry my phone when hiking, and use it for shots that I may not care as much about seeing more detail in the distant scenery!  I also use a GoPro and LOVE this camera for its durability and flexibility!  I love being able to get an underwater shot that I would not be able to do with my other cameras, I love being able to put it on a selfie stick and get a super wide shot that I don't have the capability on my Nikon.  

In the end, the BEST camera to use it the one you have in your hand!!  Just take pictures and don't get too hung up on the gear!!