A Wonderful grade school in Arvada, Colorado, home to many friends!

I am pretty sure that a lot of people take the obligatory "back to school" picture for each year that their kids are off to their exciting year ahead!  I see them on my Facebook and I LOVE to see the little AND big kids off and running!   I do however know that many people don't take the time to or feel the need to, and I'm here to change your mind about this! :-)

When taking a back to school picture, know that these don't have to be stunning professional portraits!  A cute picture, in a relatively nice setting, will suffice as a perfect representation of the milestone each year!

Gabby all ready, the year of the messenger bag and yes, matching OLD NAVY tops!!

Taken just in the alley with good light and an uncluttered background!

For those that don't see the value, I have to emphasize that there IS value and purpose in capturing these single snaps!  Down the road, these pictures become valued keepsakes that I guarantee you will cherish being able to look back on!

I am so happy to have this picture of Gab a few days before the start of her Sophomore year of college! Hairstyles, clothing, etc...for both of us!!

I know that my kids were always super excited, dressed in a new outfit, hair done and backpack loaded and on!  This day will not happen again lol, so let's make sure that memory is settled into our cameras, phones, computers and believe it or not, one day you will look back and be super happy you took that shot!

My girls started preschool at the age of 4 and I managed to even get a picture (although a couple years were selfies, per MY request) for every year, even Senior year!  Shocker I know!

This collage from 1st day of preschool, first day of kindergarten and first day of Senior year in high school are SO cool to see together and bring back great memories!!

As my youngest started off in College this week, and my oldest is in her Junior year, I made sure to pull a picture off of their Instagram (since she was sleeping when I left for work) and plan to put it in the files of firsts! It's a simple fun item to have!!

They may hassle you, or even say they don't want the picture to be taken, figure out a way to get one!  Sometimes it may even have to be of them walking away!!  ;-)

Since I wasn't home on the first day of college, this pic that her friend took is awesome to remember this age/stage!!

You will be glad you did and one day THEY will too!!!