What do I do with ALL THESE PICTURES?

Before the digital era, shooting on film was wonderful in a way because every picture was handed to me in print form!  To get a picture into a digital format required scanning (what the heck is that? ;-)

Even though we had some excess pictures with the ones that didn't turn out so well, there is something to be said about holding a print in your hand, seeing the rich colors of the image and being able to either display it up on the fridge or put it in a frame to appreciate it every time you enter the room!  

I confess, for as much as I resisted and as much as I LOVED my film, I am a digital fanatic now.  I adore the instant gratification of it all!  I love being able to confirm on a paid photo shoot or on a once in a life time vacation, that I actually was able to capture the image as I wanted before the moment is gone! I love being able to post to social media in a matter of a few minutes!

Then comes the issue of the QUANTITY of pictures we all take, me probably being the biggest offender. Last time I checked I had 15,534 pictures on my iphone alone....no I'm not joking lol!  These are NOT all quality photos as now we use our camera to take a picture of a sign, or something we need to be able to remember at a later time.  It has turned into our visual notepad!  There are a good slew of multiples (looking for just the right shot, since heck...we can!) or random screen shots etc.  

That being said, I do miss the fact that so many of us hardly print up pictures anymore!  I am a past scrapbooker and my kids to this day adore being able to pull them off the shelf and browse through roughly any time in their life as there mama took just one or two pictures over the years!  ;-) There isn't a wall in my home that doesn't adorn a collection of images!  I wouldn't want it any other way!!  The memories deserve to be remembered and proudly displayed so people can enjoy them!

I recommend going through your digital files every 3-6 months or so,  and send a huge batch off to print.  Even if they sit in a box for awhile, they will be there.  

There are FANTASTIC options now a days to preserving your memories on more than just facebook or instagram.  I will include some links below to help you get started!


My absolute FAVORITE and recommended lab!  I cannot say enough good things about this company.  You upload your images and have them mailed to you within just a few days!  They have a slew of options for printing, from just a regular print with options of borders or full bleed, and finish, to a custom size and/or specialty finish!  Their prices for regular prints and enlargements are incredibly affordable and the quality of your image will be the best it can be!  They also ship the pictures flat, which, for large size prints, is invaluable! I cannot stress how nice this is for framing!


I use Shutterfly quite a bit for printing snapshots AND for photo books!  I put small events that I take a bunch of pictures at in photo books! Its a super simple inexpensive way to get all your memories in one spot and then be able to share it as a coffee table book in your home! Their prices are reasonable, they almost always have some sort of special, but on occasion their quality is not top notch.  I would not use them for your important and special printing.  


This company is similar to Shutterfly in pricing and qualtiy of  printing (can be hit or miss) and services available.  I do use them for printing snapshots and photo books!  I go back and forth between Snapfish and Shutterfly depending on the deal they are offering!

Artifact Uprising

This is a newer company that I'm REALLY excited about and have heard/read wonderful things about!! I haven't personally tried them but I'm about to!  I really love the vibe of their web site and am going to do a test run on one of their Instagram books! They seem reasonably priced and offer some unique products!

My advice to you is print those images!  Print your favorites JUST IN CASE something ever happened to all these millions of digital images floating around the internet!  It's fun to hold them in your hand, to share them on your wall or coffee table, and remember those moments when you AREN'T on your phone or computer!!!

I can be reached for questions, comments or sessions at suzannelopez321@gmail.com! I always love talking shop so reach out any time!!!