Seeing Beauty in the unexpected!

We pulled up to the lake, rain drops were steady against the water.

I have been fantastically busy this summer with photo shoots, since its high time for High School Seniors!!  This limits my time to get up to the mountains to get my nature/hiking/photography fix though, although it's a good problem to have!  

This past weekend, all my shoots worked out in a way that I could make it up the hill on 2 specific time frames!! I missed my first window darn it lol, but was happy to take advantage of the second time slot!  This was the first time I'd been up for a personal trip in 2 weeks!!! YES I was having serious withdrawals!! 

Gabby and I headed up towards the end of the day and once I was on the road, I was giddy with excitement to be free and facing the calm of what we were heading to!  Our trip was just a photography/relaxing trip as we didn't have time to do a hike, so I was even more stoked to see what I would see!

As we made our way up the hill, deep dark clouds were covering the sky, and seemed to get darker as we proceeded up I-70.  Then, the sprinkles began....

The drive was wonderful, catching up with Gabby and appreciating the dreary sight but I couldn't help but feel a little discouraged.  My anticipation was for a beautiful sunny evening, getting some seriously gorgeous late day warm sun shots!  My hopes were that it would clear, around each bend we turned.

We arrived at Echo Lake and rain was definitely coming down steadily, and the sky was dark!

Gab and I hopped out of the car and stood in the rain for quite some time, taking it all in, and taking gorgeously moody pictures!

I complained for a minute and Gabby, helped turn my attitude around!  She said how much she LOVES the rain (and actually I do as well, I just wasn't expecting it this day) and how beautiful everything looked!  She was RIGHT!  The colors were different than I had expected and the moody feel of the day was exciting!  I usually NEVER shoot in this type of lighting because when you do portraits, you want to have ample available light for beautiful skin tones, so this took me out of my norm which ended up being fabulous!

The weather was chilly and Gabby stayed wrapped up the entire trip!

After we stopped for a few pictures by Echo Lake, we jumped back in the car and headed up Bergan Pass.  I kept pulling off the road as we would see amazing sight after amazing sight and I couldn't help myself but stop, drop and shoot!!! 

The other side of the lake proved to be equally as gorgeous as the first place we stopped.

The rain continued almost our entire trip, and finally the pavement dried as we headed down into Evergreen!  

I had SUCH a fantastic time with my girl and I thank you SO very much for helping me to see the world with different eyes today!  Gabby helped me turn my disappointment into excitement!  Thank you sweet girl and thank you for wanting to spend time with me!!  

This was our first pull over and the raindrops on the windshield said it all...

 Gabby got out of the car to see the overlook and the dark forest that was located off to the right.

As we made our way back from the overlook to the car, we were fighting the rain and could barely keep our eyes open!  The GoPro was the perfect choice of camera for the day!  Waterproof and good in low light!