Behind the scenes!!

Making Memories!

I thought it would be fun to have my "assistant", aka my daughter Gabby, come along on this Senior shoot and grab some shots with the GoPro, to show just what it looks like behind the scenes!  

And here she is.... πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Heading out at our second location of the day!

This senior had a great sense of humor as well, just like my own silly kid!!

I know one thing, my sessions are FUN!  I don't think I have had more than a 1 or 2, in my 18 years of doing this professionally, where my clients didn't feel the same way!  

Chaney and I had a lot of fun exploring and chatting up a storm...and trying to remember the great location she found for the session to take place! 😊 We did it all!

When you book a session, I always preface it with letting my clients know that I am LOW KEY!  I want to get to know you and really enjoy our time together!  It's fun to get to hang out, take beautiful pictures and some more fun random pictures sometimes too, whatever reflects YOU!  

Just last weekend, I got to really know another senior on a different level and find out what a really "cool" kid she is and see how much she has her stuff together!  I knew her from a previous shoot as well as when she was a GRADE SCHOOLER 😲but got to spend time talking about what she's all about, going into this last year of high school...what she enjoys and is excited for!!  I can't tell you how rewarding this feels to me!

Towards the end of our session the rain started coming down...didn't stop us though!!

This beautiful girl looked fantastic against the textured wall!


Learning more about my clients as we shoot is such a cool bonus!  I love getting to know them on a more casual level!

I tell people, I am a wanderer.  Aside from knowing what I NEED to shoot, I am a go with the flow style of photographer!  I like to find a place with lots of "nooks and crannies" that we can discover together and create some magic. Typically we find places that surprise me and I get excited with what we can do with it!

I love seeking out a good location and then making the magic happen!

When we shoot, I am not so much a "poser" as I am having you get into a natural position, and then I make adjustments to make the picture come alive! I want you to look relaxed and represented in the most flattering way!  Making a few small tweaks can make or break a picture!

Fixing hair is huge...I'm ALWAYS messing with girl's hair, during a senior session in particular!

Posture is just as important as placing hair in a good position!  Lift that chest to the sky to pull your shoulders up!

I LOVE being able to help my female seniors do their hair into different styles during the session!  Sometimes I come up with something they hadn't thought of!  It's awesome to get a couple different looks!  

Making sure that one SINGLE hair isn't crossing over an eyeball! That can be a bear to fix in post production!!

The most important thing to me is that you feel relaxed and comfortable during our session!  You will be more happy with the final images, and if you can feel like you have a great memory of our time together, that makes me even more happy!!

Thank you Gabby for taking these really fun images for me and thank you Chaney for allowing to have this done during your session!  You are a great sport and a beautiful young lady!!!  Thank you Ryann for letting me share a behind the scenes of your session as well!  I had a FABULOUS time working with both of you!!!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to email me at!  I would love the chance to capture YOUR be