What do I wear? Preparing for your senior portrait session!

My job is to help my seniors feel fantastic and comfortable in front of the camera!

We are heavy into senior portrait season now that the summer months have rolled in!  This is a very important session for you and your senior so I want to help ensure you both feel prepared, even if you feel a little nervous...which is totally normal by the way!

The first question on people's mind is, What do I wear?

Casual is Alaina's style and her choice of a flowy summer dress was perfect to show her relaxed and beautiful spirit!

When you feel confident, beautiful and "on fleek", your true YOU can shine through in your pictures!  If you don't feel ALL of the above in a particular look, don't wear it!  I am a firm believer in making a picture that represents the child, even if we go against certain photographic conventions!

This senior/musician chose a style that would have been something he would wear to play his saxophone with his band!

Most of us aren't represented by one style so I like to see my seniors in a few different looks! You maybe a sporty tom boy on one hand and then LOVE to get more styled for when you hang out with a group of friends!  If it's a part of who you are, let's capture that! 

The same senior from above, representing a more casual, sporty, silly side!

She was a sophisticated musician who played both the standard and electric violin in a band. The hat added to the whole mood she portrayed... above: it added to the tying the whole look together, below: used as a playful prop to show she has more than one side to her personality!

I am a sucker for helping create different looks on the spot, especially with my girls!  With longer hair, we can start with it down, and work our way into a few different styles.  Bring accessories!!  If you don shorter locks, hats, scarves, etc...are always fun to work with!  For the boys, hats, glasses, your CAR....something that is relevant and important to YOU, is a perfect addition to create some different looks and pictures to help preserve those memories of a really awesome time of life!

The second most asked question from my clients is where should we go for the session?

This is a fantastic question and very important to put some thought into!  If your child is a mountain lover, an adventure to a local nature spot reflecting that is in order!  If they love water, lets find a spot that offers a lake, creek or pond! We can pick a spot that is a beautiful reflection of your child's personality!  

Creating an experience that encompasses the passions of the child, and truly let's your senior come alive and feel beautiful/handsome, on TOP of getting the images you will LOVE and cherish for a lifetime, is really simple!  It just takes a little forethought!

Connor is a baseball player and spends a lot of time outdoors!

This beauty is a dancer, part of her session was done at the Arvada Center for the Performing Arts. 

Kelsey's session was at the historic museum and she has a casual and inquisitive vibe!

Chase is a sharp looking/trendy young man and athlete, and the city was a perfect setting for his personality!

Abby LOVES being outside, free spirited and is happy by the water!  Clear Creek was an excellent choice to capture her true nature and casual vibe!

When you book a session with me, we will be able to discuss all the specifics about what you and your child would like to see from our time together!  We will work together to craft the perfect experience and on the day of the shoot, have a fun time together, finding amazing spots to grab some memorable shots of your beautiful children!

I am very excited to speak with you and help you be at ease BEFORE we meet for our session!

You can reach me via email at suzannelopez321@gmail.com!  Talk to you soon!!!