Trying something NEW!!

I had the unexpected opportunity to photograph something totally new to me....FLOWERS!!!!  

During a recent visit to the Denver Botanical Gardens for a senior session, I was able to also grab some personal shots of the most amazing variety of flowers when we wrapped up shooting!

Don't these look like corn cobs? 

Of course when I am out hiking I will always stop and snap a random shot of wild flowers, or, my fiance's front yard has some pretty rockin' annuals, but Sunday, I was able to focus on flower after flower after FLOWER!  I saw flowers and foliage that I had never seen before and I was blown away at their beauty and unique qualities!

While this isn't a flower, it's a pretty rad cactus!!

I loved experiencing the huge array of brilliant colors as well as the shapes and variations I saw during our journey around the complex!  From the succulents to the tropical flowers, nothing disappointed!!  

The lily pads and flowers were some of my favorites!

I was so fortunate to catch 2 bumble bees/wasps in action!!

The fish in the Japanese Gardens were very interested in us hanging over the railing taking a peek!

Pretty little waterfall in the tropical house (not sure the formal name).

It is always a wonderful treat to get to have my eyes opened to new and wonderful things to capture!  Always growing, always learning, always appreciating new opportunities!!