What I'm shooting! - Mother's Day Picnic, get CANDID!

It's the little moments that make me smile when looking back at pictures!

As most photographers do, I have some sort of camera in hand, almost always!  I look at a special day as a most excellent time to get some great quality FUN pictures while many of us gather to spend time together!  I try to snap as many details as I can and capture moments that will trigger fun memories when looking back at the pictures a few years later!

Having a picture like this, EVERY year that I can, is a goal of mine! 

It's important to put aside the feeling of maybe NOT wanting to be in a picture, to give the gift to someone else of having that valued shot!  Having pictures with my mom is invaluable to me and I will cherish it for years to come!

Taking the candid shot is almost more important to me than the posed shots!  

Taking an obligatory posed smiling shot of a group or an individual is always fun to have, but I have found that most people will look at a candid, and be taken back to that moment in time, more so than with something more contrived!

The same "prop" can provide a variety of looks!  If you are taking multiple pictures in the same area, be creative to make them all have their own flair!

I think each and every one of us cycled through our turn in the hammocks!  Some of us enjoyed a longer rest, others of us just wanted to chill out for a minute or two!  Although these are all hammock pictures they all have a different story to tell!  

 Following Farron around proved worth while!  I shot when she wasn't "ready" and got some of my favorite images of the day! There is only one set up shot in the above line up!

If you are in a position to have patience, the shot will reveal itself to you! My best advice to getting the candid is to BE READY!!!  

Thank you to Chris and Farron for getting some shots of me this trip!  It is SO important for photographers to hand off the camera to be in some shots as well! Your family will appreciate it down the road!!!