Make it an ADVENTURE - Documenting the "fun stuff" in your life!

This day was full of experimenting and learning new technologies!

Do something EVERY day that scares you!  

Have you heard that quote before?  Do you know who I hear it from the most?  People who are wildly successful!

I know that I have definitely let fear get in my way during this life journey, get in the way of doing things that could have taken me far.  Basically, I left "money sitting on the table" because I was too afraid to commit, to try, to take a chance.  

Thank goodness as we grow and mature we can come to the slap in the face realizations that some things are just plain stupid!!  :-)  

Becoming a better me, emotionally, physically and spiritually is something I engage in daily.  I WANT to experience life's fears and when I come across those fears, I want to tackle them.  I want to be THAT person, that can look something straight in the eye that petrifies me and move forward regardless.  Becoming that person that comes out on top, because she wasn't letting herself get in the way, is where I see myself residing!

This leads me to the point of this blog post!!  

I am going to share my very first VLOG here. That's all.  No fan fare and no expectations that anyone will take the 12 minutes to watch the adventure unfold.  But what I want from it is to put myself out there, vulnerabilities and all, and be ok with it!  Show other people that if I can do it, they can too!!  Don't wait for perfection!!

What do I know about this VLOG #1?

- it's not perfect, and matter of fact as I watched it myself, I realize just how much work I have to do to learn to really make a VLOG an engaging and pretty and interesting!

- Even though it is technically flawed, it is a piece of my expanding portfolio that has as much value, if not more, than my photographs of today that I am darn proud of! We HAVE to keep striving for more!

- This VLOG documented a day with my daughter, her boyfriend and the time we spent together, and that in itself is invaluable to me!

I would be grateful if you would leave a comment if you decide to watch!  Knowing other people's perspective is the best way to learn and grow!