We are happily embarking on summer which for myself, means it's time for my favorites, SENIOR SESSIONS!!  

Seniors are at an age where they are probably secretly still wanting the comforts of having a home base, but wanting to spread their wings even more!  It is a time when they feel excited about their futures and all the possibilities that lay ahead of them!!

I feel like this is SUCH a huge mile stone in the life of a teen, graduating high school, and I personally want them ALL to soar with pride of whom they are and whom they have become, as well as have unbridled anticipation of where they can go in life!!

I want to help make these incredible young ladies and men feel special.  They deserve it and their families deserve it!  A time of life captured before they head off into their own adult world! 

That being said, I fully understand that having senior portraits done can be expensive, and possibly not even in the cards for some families.

This summer, I am offering to shoot a complimentary senior session!  

I am taking nominations for this, so I am asking you to nominate someone that lives in the Denver area, that you feel this would be helpful for!!  Please send me their story! I want to empower them, make them feel beautiful/handsome, and help them show the world what is coming with their unique being!

All submissions due by June 15th please!  

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