BEAUTY - you can see it anywhere!!!

The Beauty That Surrounds Us!


 The mountains are undeniably an amazing back drop OR a stand alone "subject" that can make an incredible image!

I have had people say to me that their pictures/portraits would be so much better if they lived in an area like I do!  

As an "on location" portrait photographer, I have learned to work with a huge variety of settings and to learn how to make it work!  Not every client has the same taste or the same goals, and as a creative service provider, it's up to me to make their session the most amazing experience ever!


My daughter Gabby wanted to do her senior session downtown Denver! The architecture and lines are overwhelmingly striking!  We shot outside and inside Union Station, inside a very dark historic hotel and on the 16th street mall with all the hustle and bustle!  This session ended up being one of my favorites and really forced me to look outside of the box we may be used to, called nature!! 

Whereas I agree that we live in a VERY naturally beautiful state, I would like to to counter the concern, and challenge you to take the environment you live in, whatever it is, and figure out how to see the beauty in it!  The architecture in a city setting lends itself to majestic views and lines that you will never find in nature!!


 A very rocky Red Rocks, some old stairs, a grassy field....all strikingly different but depict a beautiful scene!

I have had sessions in the mountains, in the city, in a park, in a barren landscape, in a home, etc....and each and every environment requires a keen eye and an open mind to seeing beauty in what may be unconventional!


Shooting on a very bright morning at a reservoir with almost no access to shade, ...with buoys in the water!!  :-)

This session turned out deliciously!!!  These two girls were having the time of their lives on the sand and water and even with things popping into my picture that weren't the most aesthetically pleasing, the girls shone through with their true selves and I was able to capture the beauty of the moment!


The leading lines in this image as well as shooting from a lower angle and adding a splash of color made the shot memorable!

If you find yourself in the mountains with views to die for everywhere you turn, you STILL must think about HOW to make your image be memorable!  Anyone can point and shoot a camera, but it takes a little thought and experimentation to get the money shot, to have a shot that really draws your viewer into the image and makes it interesting!

No matter where you find yourself in the world, the beauty can absolutely be found!  Angles can change, perspectives can change, but mostly you have to have an open mind to seeing things in a different way than you are used to!!


By the library in old town Arvada

I love finding random color so this colorful doorway, in an alley proved to find great beauty to highlight Kalli!

Railroad tracks and an a water tower, not the typical idea of beauty but for this shot it worked beautifully!!