WHAT MAKES YOU TICK? - Featuring Athlete/Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer Jeremy Pace

Capturing an athlete's "moments", can result in valued images of an important element of life!

Adults, kids and in between peeps, often have some sort of physical fitness or sport in their lives that mean more than just a passing thought.  Do you have snowboarders or tennis players in the family?  Is the gym a part of your day?  Are you at your prime....do you wish you were still as fit as you used to be and stoked to get a new routine in place?  Are you a high school or college athlete?  Did your kiddo score the winning goal or hold strong in the defense?  Do you run? Disk Golf anyone?  There are OODLES of different types of athleticism!  

Photographing athletes, of any level, is a HUGE love of mine, challenging and highly rewarding...I know, I know, I said that about babies and teenagers too!  But it's TRUE!

Athletes have something about them, an air of confidence and strength in body and spirit. Being able to get this person in their element leaves me with a sense of excitement that I can't describe.  Like I get a front row seat to the show!!

You do you, and let me follow behind...

Think outside of the box for what you think is important to commemorate in your or your child's life!  Showcase your passion, their passion and skills.  Sport, athleticism, at whatever stage you are, it's exciting! This is absolutely something to be celebrated! 

Many of us are kids at heart!

Next time you are thinking of having professional pictures taken....let's chat!  Capturing the essence of how a person is, what gets a spark going in them, is my goal for your session!  Let's find out what makes you tick!!

Jeremy Pace can be reached at jeremypace@protonmail.com or 318-946-0419 for consultation or training.