I love capturing that expression that says it all!

I mentioned in an earlier blog post, one of my favorite age groups to photograph is high school seniors and THIS, my friends, is another FAVORITE age for me!  The other end of the spectrum...toddlers! This age is FULL of unexpected emotions, movements and expressions!  I can't get enough of their spontaneity!

Two sisters had VERY different reactions to their 1st Birthday cakes!

The thing that I love the most when photographing toddlers is in exact opposition to what the the parent usually loves!  The lack of knowing just what you are going to get on any given day! This quality in these little niblets is what makes the session just that much more enjoyable and entertaining, for me! The style in which I shoot lends itself to this type of "behavior" and I end up with my most favorite images from unpredictable little ones!

Looking up at mom to reassure she hasn't gone far!

This session ended up drastically different than it was originally planned out to be. Being willing to go with the flow when photographing a toddler, as well as patience, is a great virtue!  Lucky for me, I can think on my feet (when it comes to pictures) and patience with these little ones is NO problem for this girl!!

I adore her little rolly legs and feet perfectly placed together.

Always be ready, is a good motto to have as photographer!  Especially when photographing moving subjects! We were wrapping up the shoot and I saw a patch of light that was gorgeous so a quick set up, moved her to the spot, and the shot is captured, no harm no foul!

Stella was on a mission...

Remember that a portrait session doesn't have to always be a face shot! It's all part of the package and giving a client a "snapshot in time" is what I aim to do with my sessions!  I would rather provide them with 50 pictures of the time we spent together than 1 perfectly posed image!  After all, how many people fit into 1 box?

Yes you are, baby girl!

One of the best tips I have for parents when picking their toddler's photographer is to go to the site of the candidate, and make sure their style meets your expectations! Also, communicate with your photographer about your goals for the session and finally, know that it's OK if your little peanut has a mind of their own.  Most photographers know how to  work with all different types of personalities and will capture the beauty of your unique work of art!!

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