Note to self, "self, don't be boring, seek MORE!"

If you never want to change, you will never grow! 

(photo cred: Chris Pedersen)

Recently, I have felt a huge surge of re-inspiration, after shooting professionally for 17 years!  I'm going to be real here, I was absolutely playing it safe, becoming stagnant, maybe a little bored with myself and not growing in my craft!  Crazy right?  I kept feeling an overwhelming urge to change things up, start experimenting and challenge myself to think outside of this box that I have built around myself for years!  I absolutely LOVE what I focus on in my business but it's time to be bigger and better!

I vow to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone!

I recently heard a fantastic tip from a photographer that I find extremely inspiring, @andrewtkearns, he said, go out and shoot, every day, EVERY DARN DAY!!!  If you are used to one thing, FORCE yourself not to do it, and try another way!  I have put myself in the position recently to do just this, for example shooting video, or shooting with a lens I'm not super comfortable with in a given situation, and figure it out!  Its the same way I learned to shoot from the get go so it makes PERFECT sense and I am 100% up for the challenge! 

Setting up a challenge for yourself, trying to find new ways to make things "work" and then being able to critique your final product and make adjustments is where it's at!

This adventure did not go exactly as I visualized...which was a fantastic thing! 

Chris and I spent an evening up in the mountains, in a spot that I chose, to watch the sunset and take beautiful pictures!  The spot I chose didn't reveal the exact look that I had anticipated and created in my mind! Right in that moment, I had to decide how I was going to tell a story with what I had put in front of me! 

After hiking to a few different spots, we found the one that we were happy with and set up shop!

Armed with 4 cameras (GoPro Hero 5, Nikon D7000 DSLR for video, Nikon D300 DSLR for stills, Iphone 6s Plus for fun selfies that are ALWAYS in order), I got the stage set for the sunset and to capture the scene as it played out!  

I could not have been more excited about what was revealed on my memory cards when all was said and done! 

Trying new things can be invigorating! I know what i *think* I'm going to end up with but I don't really know what worked and what didn't until I can take a step back and take a look!  

A quote I'd like to end this blog post on came from yet another crazy inspiring photographer that I adore, @jasminestar, and she said... "The truth reveals fear, doubt, and insecurity in embarrassingly authentic ways".  I loved this and its perfect for me right now!  I am being real, I have fears, insecurities but yet THAT itself is propelling me forward and making my eyes, mind and actions advance to things I may not even know are coming my way, and I can't WAIT!  

The sun finally went down behind the mountain range and the colors exploded!

Happily tucked into a blanket with Chris, watching the sky unfold in all it's glory!