An impromptu session - beautiful places, beautiful people....What I'm currently shooting!

My kids have always been my favorite subject for experimenting and trying something new, and LEARNING!

When you first start something, it’s EASY to be excited, to have uber passion and drive and think about it day/night!  That’s how I was when I started developing my skills as a photographer, and venturing into the world of “pro”, whatever that really means.

Armed with 2 models, we headed up to Gross Reservoir to find some amazing scenery and let me do my thing!

When you do something for so long, it’s also easy to lose some of that spark, that excited feeling in your stomach when you KNOW you got the money shot and you can’t WAIT to download your SD card and see just how good it is!!!

I love being able to put a subject at ease, to capture the true candid.

When I was green in the field, as far as technical skills, I shot pictures non stop!  Just ask my kids...I drove them crazy….but I can tell you they adore being able to look at old scrap books now and see a trillion pictures of their cuteness!  

When you are able to relax and just be in your own element in a session, I become certain that it will be a success, and those "feels" will show through on film!

As I fell into the routine of shooting for clients, LOVING what I did with my client sessions and THEIR families, I kinda, sorta, really let my passion for my own photography, photos that really spoke to me personally, die away a little.  Actually, let’s say I let it take a nap. 

I realized last year, as I started to get out into the mountains more, cameras in hand, that I had let that focus of what made me tick in pictures get away from me! GREAT news, choice and change are 2 things that I have full control over! :-) 

Moments are great, but emotion is greater.

When you get lost in you, and forget anyone else is around...

A conversation I had today with a client I was training, really made me remember my true "why".  We were talking pictures (surprise ;-) and she told me that what she loves in photography is helps her really “see”, maybe in a different way than before.  I told her that what I love in photography is it helps me FEEL.  My FAVORITE thing to do in a picture is not necessarily just capture a moment in time, but to also help the viewer be able to feel something!  That is my biggest challenge and constant goal!

Hiking, chillin, views, and finding lizards...made for a great day!

I am SO thankful that I found something that snapped me back into reality of how much passion I have for pictures.  I'm relieved to know its not gone, it was just hibernating for awhile!  

If you find yourself in a rut, be sure to get back out and shoot for YOU!  Try new things, force yourself to be in a different situation or use gear you aren't as comfortable with!  I know you will be amazed at what you can do and what spark it may ignite or re-ignite!!!

Take time for you.