Her fave spot....

I truly believe we all have something very special inside of us that makes us beautifully unique.  We all are individuals, yet we live in a world where darn it, there are a lot of "us".  We must learn how we can shine our own special light, because,'s important to not just live the status quo life. 

As we grow and we start to develop into these magnificent beings that can offer so much to our families, our friends, our world, we need to share that light we posses.  Inspiration and contribution to the lives of others, in the realm that suits the piece de resistance! 

For this very reason, I find that high school seniors are one of my favorite age groups to photograph!  They are such special little half baby/half adult creatures that are finding their way in this big big world that us full-ish adult creatures know so well.  Spending time with them and hearing their dreams, plans and feelings about where they are headed in life is so refreshing and invigorating!  It's exciting!!    

I love the art of capturing this age that is full of life and anticipation, and true beauty that I see in each and every one of my clients!!  Even though I am careful to capture that more restricted "senior picture" for the yearbook, my passion is capturing this amazing human in their glory and really showing off what I see and I HOPE they see in themselves!  

I have photographed athletes, musicians, computer techy people, book name it!  Capturing the unique beauty of the individual on their own is primary, but being able to take a few frames to capture the passion of this child AT THIS MOMENT in time, is just invigorating and is sometimes my favorite part of the session!!  

Wherever you are headed, it will be an adventure!  This age is perfection, full of change and optimism that is unbridled! I feel honored to get to experience a piece of this from so many beautiful teens!!

He is part of her world.

She has ALWAYS loved ice cream!

Traveler, whimsical and fashion forward from the get go!

Best friends forever!

Dancer, actress and all around beautiful young woman.

Soccer is life...and this young man has worked his way to the top of the food chain!

Introspective, peace keeper, lover...

Cover shot...violin, electric violin, band member...her heart sings.

Grandpa's truck passed down, a memory to cherish forever!

Dual athlete and strong young woman.