Learning to use new technology when I have years of experience of NOT breaking out! Grow a pair, take a chance, make mistakes, do it all over again! 

Routine, it's part of what makes us humans tick.  It provides certainty.  Oddly though, for as much as we crave certainty, we also crave UN-certainty, variety!

As the days pass and I keep on keepin' on, I have found that life can become a little lack luster, a little TOO certain.  We find ourselves in a groove, a good one OR a bad one, but the more we "just do" the more we stay there.  I've heard many a great speaker say, what you focus on is where you will head!  When an unexpected event happens, do I focus on the great opportunity that I was given, or do I focus on the "tragedy" that just befell me?  Truth?  I used to spend too much of my focus on the later....before I would pull my head out...and get back to my look on the bright side approach to life, which better describes my outlook today.

It takes persistence, repetition and commitment to change your mindset, no different than making a change to your body/health. Its easier, no doubt, to wallow, to let your self imposed limitations get in your way. However, when I found my life/business on a path of sameness, I became unmotivated, uninspired, this is detrimental to the entrepreneur!  When I finally woke up and took a good look around, my eyes quickly became aware of all the magnificent things going on around me, and while everything else in this world was moving forward, or sideways, or up.... I was not! It was at that point, I knew I had to pull up my boot straps, step up my game...I must stay fresh. 

I realized just this morning, the mindset of my college age daughter is a perfect model of how I want to view life!   She has the whole world in front of her, an exciting world that she get's to design and map according to what trips her trigger! Everything can be an opportunity to learn and grow! As I have, she will probably take many paths through life and hopefully love something about each and every one of them!  I want her to lean the value of progress! More importantly, this mindset doesn't have to change just because we "grow up" (wait, what's that???). 

Take a look around, assess yourself.  Where do you sit this very moment, and what can you do to keep that mojo mojoing!  I will never be static again. I will always open my eyes and my heart and my passions, so that I can stay fresh!

Being aware, noticing the unexpected.  

What catches YOUR eye...and why? Move towards seeing the world with a different pair of glasses!

Exploring and trying new things.  Having one of my best friends to share the experience is what it's all about!